Earl Jones Genealogy

Kenny ROBERTS [Parents]-154310. Kenny married (MRIN:52223) Sharron-154311.

Sharron-154311. Sharron married (MRIN:52223) Kenny ROBERTS-154310.

Wade BORDERS-154313. Wade married (MRIN:52224) Kathy ROBERTS-154312.

Kathy ROBERTS [Parents]-154312. Kathy married (MRIN:52224) Wade BORDERS-154313.

Shawn FIRES-154315. Shawn married (MRIN:52225) Penny ROBERTS-154314.

Penny ROBERTS [Parents]-154314. Penny married (MRIN:52225) Shawn FIRES-154315.

Bryan SPENCER-154317. Bryan married (MRIN:52226) Carrie ROBERTS-154316.

Carrie ROBERTS [Parents]-154316. Carrie married (MRIN:52226) Bryan SPENCER-154317.

James Edward ROBERTS [Parents]-12004 was born on 2 Jan 1938/1939 in Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma. James married (MRIN:52227) Norma-154318.

Other marriages:
STONECIPHER, Margaret Evaline

Norma-154318. Norma married (MRIN:52227) James Edward ROBERTS-12004.

They had the following children.

  F i
Kathy ROBERTS-187176.[Notes]
  F ii
Karen ROBERTS-187177.[Notes]
  M iii
Keith ROBERTS-187178 died about 2004.

Earl Laverne LOVE [Parents]-154319 was born on 19 Jun 1930 in Altus, Jackson, Oklahoma. He died on 22 Apr 2014 in , Frisco, Texas. He was buried in Ridgeview Memorial Park, Allen, Collin, Texas. Earl married (MRIN:52228) Virginia KIDD-154320 on 3 Apr 1930 in Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma.

Other marriages:


Virginia KIDD-154320 was born about 2 Apr 1936. Virginia married (MRIN:52228) Earl Laverne LOVE-154319 on 3 Apr 1930 in Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma.

They had the following children.

  F i Brenda LOVE-154337.
  M ii Marsha LOVE-154338.
  F iii Jeanna LOVE-154339.

Charles Paul LOVE [Parents]-154321 was born on 24 Jun 1934 in , Childress, Texas. Charles married (MRIN:52229) Shirley KIDD-154322.


Shirley KIDD-154322. Shirley married (MRIN:52229) Charles Paul LOVE-154321.

They had the following children.

  F i
  F ii
  F iii

Warren MC CULLERS-154324 was born in 1934. Warren married (MRIN:52230) Betty L. LOVE-154323 on 21 Aug 1986 in , Collin, Texas.

Betty L. LOVE [Parents]-154323 was born on 29 Aug 1943. Betty married (MRIN:52230) Warren MC CULLERS-154324 on 21 Aug 1986 in , Collin, Texas.

Other marriages:


John Jay GRISSOM [Parents]-154327 was born on 5 Oct 1887 in Farmersville, Collin, Texas. He died on 6 Nov 1961 in Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma. John married (MRIN:52231) Nora RECER-154328.

Nora RECER-154328 was born on 17 Dec 1887. She died on 21 Feb 1979 in Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma. Nora married (MRIN:52231) John Jay GRISSOM-154327.

They had the following children.

  F i Beulah Oatie GRISSOM-154299 was born on 19 Sep 1907. She died on 7 Nov 1984.
  M ii
Paul GRISSOM-154345.
  F iii
Faye GRISSOM-154346.
  F iv
Emory GRISSOM-154347.
  M v
Harley GRISSOM-154348.
  M vi
Jim J. GRISSOM-154349.
  M vii Cledes Leroy GRISSOM-154350 was born on 22 Dec 1913. He died in Aug 1978.

Glenn ABEL-154330.

He had the following children.

  M i
Matt ABEL-154331.
  F ii
Michelle ABEL-154332.
  F iii
Micah ABEL-154333.

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