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Leonidas Pierce MC CACKEN was born on 3 Mar 1852 in , Haywood, North Carolina. He died on 21 Jul 1930 in Cooksville, Howard, Maryland. Leonidas married Martha Frances WALKER in 1872 in , , North Carolina.

Martha Frances WALKER [Parents] was born in Apr 1855 in , Haywood, North Carolina. She died on 8 Oct 1928 in Augusta, Richmond, Georgia. Martha married Leonidas Pierce MC CACKEN in 1872 in , , North Carolina.


HARDY. HARDY married Penny Hardy JONES.

Penny Hardy JONES [Parents] was born about 1787 in , Wake, North Carolina. Penny married HARDY.

Other marriages:
JONES, Wiley

Ridley JONES [Parents] was born about 1697. Ridley married KIMBELL.

KIMBELL [Parents]. KIMBELL married Ridley JONES.

Benjamin KIMBELL.

He had the following children.


T. Dewitt ROBERTS [Parents] was born on 15 Jan 1891 in , Foard, Texas. He died on 10 Dec 1941 in Crowell, Foard, Texas. T. Dewitt ROBERTS married Ethel FLESHER.

Ethel FLESHER was born about 1894. Ethel married T. Dewitt ROBERTS.

John CUTLER was born about 1715. John married Mary JONES about 1737.


Mary JONES [Parents] was born in 1720 in Mulberry Island, Richmond, Virginia. She died in 1789 in , Edgecombe, North Carolina. Mary married John CUTLER about 1737.

Other marriages:


They had the following children.

  F i
Mary CUTLER was born about 1738.

Samuel BROWNE was born in 1670 in , Isle of Wight, Virginia. He died on 23 Jun 1740 in , Southampton, Virginia. Samuel married Mary JONES.

Mary JONES [Parents] was born in 1685 in , Surry, Virginia. She died in 1735. Mary married Samuel BROWNE.

Thomas Alexander SANDERS was born about 1810 in , , South Carolina. He died in Sep 1839 in , Sumpter, Alabama. Thomas married Elizabeth Ann JONES on 10 May 1836 in , Perry, Alabama.

Elizabeth Ann JONES [Parents] was born in 1818 in , Mecklenburg, Virginia. She died on 27 Apr 1887 in Marion, Perry, Alabama. Elizabeth married Thomas Alexander SANDERS on 10 May 1836 in , Perry, Alabama.

Tignal JONES "Jr" [Parents] was born on 4 Apr 1790 in , Mecklenburg, Virginia. He died in 1856 in , Mecklenburg, Virginia. Tignal married Martha E. G..

Other marriages:

Martha E. G. died in 1828. Martha married Tignal JONES "Jr".

They had the following children.

  F i
Harriett A. JONES was born on 3 Aug 1817. She died on 22 Mar 1846 in , Mecklenburg, Virginia.
  F ii
Martha JONES.

Robert Withs NEALSON died in 1782. Robert married JONES.

JONES [Parents] was born in 1765. JONES married Robert Withs NEALSON.

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