Earl Jones Genealogy

Richard FORTENBERRY-151197 was born in 1845 in , , Tennessee. Richard married (MRIN:51192) Mary C. MC MINN-31475 in , Jackson, Arkansas.

Mary C. MC MINN [Parents]-31475 was born in 1848 in , Yalobusha, Mississippi. She died before 1860. Mary married (MRIN:51192) Richard FORTENBERRY-151197 in , Jackson, Arkansas.


Jacob FORTENBERRY-151198 was born in 1856 in , , Arkansas. He died after 1920. Jacob married (MRIN:51193) Sarah MC MINN-31474 in 1876.

Sarah MC MINN [Parents]-31474 was born in 1848 in , Yalobusha, Mississippi. She died before 1920 in , , Texas. Sarah married (MRIN:51193) Jacob FORTENBERRY-151198 in 1876.


Jackson FORTENBERRY-151199 was born in Jan 1853 in , , Tennessee. He died in , , Texas. Jackson married (MRIN:51194) Martha O. MC MINN-37076 in Nov 1885 in , , Texas.

Martha O. MC MINN [Parents]-37076 was born in 1865 in , Jackson, Arkansas. She died in , , Texas. Martha married (MRIN:51194) Jackson FORTENBERRY-151199 in Nov 1885 in , , Texas.

WOODS-31480. WOODS married (MRIN:51195) Elizabeth Louisa BRAZILL-150201.

Elizabeth Louisa BRAZILL-150201 was born in 1820 in , , Tennessee. Elizabeth married (MRIN:51195) WOODS-31480.

Other marriages:
MC MINN, Robert Alban


Charles Gerald HASTY-151200 was born on 18 Mar 1899 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana. He died on 5 Jun 1988 in , , California. Charles married (MRIN:51196) Emogene Louise MC MINN-37092.

Emogene Louise MC MINN [Parents]-37092 was born on 20 Mar 1903 in Mangum, Greer, Oklahoma. She died on 8 Mar 1984 in Los Altos, Santa Clara, California. Emogene married (MRIN:51196) Charles Gerald HASTY-151200.


Alexander SMITH "I"-57117 was born in 1735 in , , South Carolina. He died in 1785 in Abingdon, Washington, Virginia. Alexander married (MRIN:51197) Catherine MC ALPIN-254453.

Catherine MC ALPIN-254453 was born about 1740. She died in Richmond, Virginia. Catherine married (MRIN:51197) Alexander SMITH "I"-57117.

They had the following children.

  M i Alexander SMITH "II"-146360 was born in 1768. He died in Sep 1842.
  M ii
Samuel SMITH-151202.

Howard O'Neal MC MINN [Parents]-58191 was born on 18 Nov 1925 in Wynne, Cross, Arkansas. He died on 12 Jun 2006 in Wynne, Cross, Arkansas. He was buried in Jun 2006 in Cogbill Cemetery, , Arkansas. Howard married (MRIN:51198) Mildred MARTIN-151203.

Mildred MARTIN-151203 was born about 1927. Mildred married (MRIN:51198) Howard O'Neal MC MINN-58191.

They had the following children.

  F i Betty MC MINN-150207.
  M ii
John David MC MINN-151245.
  F iii Becki MC MINN-151246.
  F iv Micki MC MINN-151248.

William Riley PEARSON-57116. William married (MRIN:51199) Amanda MC MINN-150232.

Amanda MC MINN [Parents]-150232 died after 28 Mar 1746. Amanda married (MRIN:51199) William Riley PEARSON-57116.

They had the following children.

  M i Mc Minn "Mm" Mack PEARSON-31107 was born in 1862. He died in 1927.

Mc Minn "Mm" Mack PEARSON [Parents]-31107 was born in 1862. He died in 1927. Mc married (MRIN:51200) Ruby-31108.

Ruby-31108 was born in 1880. Ruby married (MRIN:51200) Mc Minn "Mm" Mack PEARSON-31107.

BENNER-151208 was born about 1792. BENNER married (MRIN:51201) Mary Ann MC MINN-31110.

Mary Ann MC MINN [Parents]-31110 was born on 11 Jun 1794 in , Washington, Maryland. Mary was sealed to her parents on 22 Sep 2010 in the Mount Timpanogos Utah temple. She was baptized on 15 Nov 1952. She was endowed on 17 Dec 1952 in the Manti Utah temple. Mary married (MRIN:51201) BENNER-151208.

Other marriages:
WRIGHT, William R.


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