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Earl Jones Genealogy

Kenneth SHERMAN-150743. Kenneth married (MRIN:51001) Sally MC MINN-150742.

Sally MC MINN [Parents]-150742. Sally married (MRIN:51001) Kenneth SHERMAN-150743.

John MURRAY-150745. John married (MRIN:51002) Sarah MC MINN-150744.

Sarah MC MINN [Parents]-150744. Sarah married (MRIN:51002) John MURRAY-150745.

Troy SHERMAN-150747. Troy married (MRIN:51003) Frances MC MINN-150746.

Frances MC MINN [Parents]-150746. Frances married (MRIN:51003) Troy SHERMAN-150747.

Ernest MC MINN [Parents]-150748. Ernest married (MRIN:51004) Lois-150749.

Lois-150749. Lois married (MRIN:51004) Ernest MC MINN-150748.

Earl MC MINN [Parents]-150750. Earl married (MRIN:51005) Betty-150751.

Betty-150751. Betty married (MRIN:51005) Earl MC MINN-150750.

Rev. Hugh Carey MC MINN [Parents] [scrapbook]-150740 was born on 20 Aug 1945 in , Henderson, North Carolina. He died on 14 Sep 2006 in Flat Rock, Henderson, North Carolina. Hugh married (MRIN:51006) Catherine SHERMAN-150752 in 1964.


Catherine SHERMAN [Parents]-150752. Catherine married (MRIN:51006) Rev. Hugh Carey MC MINN-150740 in 1964.

They had the following children.

  F i Rachel MC MINN-150753.
  F ii Glenda MC MINN-150755.
  F iii Verlyn MC MINN-150759.

Scott CONARD-150754. Scott married (MRIN:51007) Rachel MC MINN-150753.

Rachel MC MINN [Parents]-150753. Rachel married (MRIN:51007) Scott CONARD-150754.

Tim SASS-150756. Tim married (MRIN:51008) Glenda MC MINN-150755.

Glenda MC MINN [Parents]-150755. Glenda married (MRIN:51008) Tim SASS-150756.

They had the following children.

  F i
Kaitlin SASS-150757.
  M ii
Caleb SASS-150758.

Vince OWENBY-150760. Vince married (MRIN:51009) Verlyn MC MINN-150759.

Verlyn MC MINN [Parents]-150759. Verlyn married (MRIN:51009) Vince OWENBY-150760.

They had the following children.

  F i
Bethany OWENBY-150761.
  M ii
Justin OWENBY-150762.

SHERMAN-150763. SHERMAN married (MRIN:51010) Grace-150764.

Grace-150764. Grace married (MRIN:51010) SHERMAN-150763.

They had the following children.

  F i Catherine SHERMAN-150752.

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