Earl Jones Genealogy

Samuel WEINHOLD-133876 was born on 24 May 1818. He died on 19 Mar 1861. He was buried in Muddy Creek Ch. Cem, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Samuel married (MRIN:45379) Hannah BROSSMAN-133875 on 18 Sep 1842.

Hannah BROSSMAN [Parents]-133875 was born on 20 Oct 1823. She died on 29 Oct 1899. She was buried in Muddy Creek Ch. Cem, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Hannah married (MRIN:45379) Samuel WEINHOLD-133876 on 18 Sep 1842.

Absolom RUSSELL-133877 was born in 1760 in , Halifax, Virginia. He died in 1840 in , Casey, Kentucky. Absolom married (MRIN:45380) Frances Elizabeth GAINES-133878.

Frances Elizabeth GAINES-133878 was born in 1768 in , Halifax, Virginia. She died in Oct 1793 in , Halifax, Virginia. Frances married (MRIN:45380) Absolom RUSSELL-133877.

They had the following children.

  M i Saunders RUSSELL-133768 was born in 1786. He died on 31 May 1838.

John "Soldier" COMBS "Jr"-133879 was born on 7 Feb 1760 in , Warren, Virginia. He died on 27 Apr 1848 in , Washington, Kentucky. John married (MRIN:45381) Margaret "Biddy" NANTZ-133880.

Margaret "Biddy" NANTZ-133880 was born in 1765 in , Perry, Kentucky. She died on 27 Apr 1848 in , Perry, Kentucky. Margaret married (MRIN:45381) John "Soldier" COMBS "Jr"-133879.

They had the following children.

  F i Mary Elizabeth "Polly" COMBS-133769 was born in 1788. She died in 1860.

Thomas BOTTOM-133882 was born about 1810. Thomas married (MRIN:45382) Sarah "Sally" Jane RUSSELL-133881.

Sarah "Sally" Jane RUSSELL [Parents]-133881 was born in 1810 in , Lincoln, Kentucky. Sarah married (MRIN:45382) Thomas BOTTOM-133882.

James G.-133884 was born about 1810. James married (MRIN:45383) Catherine "Kitty" RUSSELL-133883 on 27 Dec 1838.

Catherine "Kitty" RUSSELL [Parents]-133883 was born in 1812. Catherine married (MRIN:45383) James G.-133884 on 27 Dec 1838.

George William RUSSELL-133886 was born about 1810. George married (MRIN:45384) Elizabeth "Betsy" RUSSELL-133885.

Elizabeth "Betsy" RUSSELL [Parents]-133885 was born about 1813. Elizabeth married (MRIN:45384) George William RUSSELL-133886.

William Cletus RUSSELL [Parents]-133887 was born on 30 Aug 1815 in , Lincoln, Kentucky. He died on 13 Apr 1894 in Perryville, Boyle, Kentucky. William married (MRIN:45385) Nancy HATCHETT-133888.

Nancy HATCHETT-133888 was born on 20 Feb 1813 in , Washington, Kentucky. She died on 8 Mar 1905 in Perryville, Boyle, Kentucky. Nancy married (MRIN:45385) William Cletus RUSSELL-133887.

George T. RUSSELL [Parents]-133889 was born in 1819 in , , Kentucky. He died after 18 Dec 1882 in Pisgah, Cooper, Missouri. George married (MRIN:45386) Eliza Anna "Margaret" COMBS-133890 about 1850.

Eliza Anna "Margaret" COMBS-133890 was born about 1820. Eliza married (MRIN:45386) George T. RUSSELL-133889 about 1850.

Jefferson MC GINNIS-133892 was born in 1820. Jefferson married (MRIN:45387) Emily RUSSELL-133891.

Emily RUSSELL [Parents]-133891 was born in Oct 1822. Emily married (MRIN:45387) Jefferson MC GINNIS-133892.

Silas BOOLING-133894 was born about 1820. Silas married (MRIN:45388) Julie Ann RUSSELL-133893 on 10 Feb 1844.

Julie Ann RUSSELL [Parents]-133893 was born after 1820. Julie married (MRIN:45388) Silas BOOLING-133894 on 10 Feb 1844.

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