Earl Jones Genealogy

James Edmond MENDENHALL [Parents]-132799 was born on 16 Feb 1913 in North Hollywood, , California. He died on 17 Jan 1951 in Paramont, , California. James married (MRIN:44972) Mary-132816.

Other marriages:
, Genivieve

Mary-132816. Mary married (MRIN:44972) James Edmond MENDENHALL-132799.

Aaron MOORE-132817 was born about 1915. Aaron married (MRIN:44973) Dorothy June MENDENHALL-132800.

Dorothy June MENDENHALL [Parents]-132800 was born on 28 Jun 1914 in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. She died on 2 Nov 1963 in Burbank, Los Angeles, California. She was buried in Newhall, California. Dorothy married (MRIN:44973) Aaron MOORE-132817.

Earl William MC DANIEL-132818. Earl married (MRIN:44974) Dora Ellen MENDENHALL-132801.

Dora Ellen MENDENHALL [Parents]-132801 was born on 13 Sep 1916 in North Hollywood, , California. She died in 1970. Dora married (MRIN:44974) Earl William MC DANIEL-132818.

Edward William LEE-132819 was born on 20 Oct 1877 in Santa Ynex, , California. He died on 18 May 1951 in San Fernando, Los Angeles, California. Edward married (MRIN:44975) Annie Lee MENDENHALL-132790 on 18 Aug 1901 in , Los Angeles, California.

Annie Lee MENDENHALL [Parents]-132790 was born on 13 May 1885 in Fort Smith, Sebastian, Oklahoma. She died on 27 Mar 1940 in San Fernando, Los Angeles, California. Annie married (MRIN:44975) Edward William LEE-132819 on 18 Aug 1901 in , Los Angeles, California.

Thomas Pemberton YADON-132820 was born on 19 Nov 1853. He died on 13 Jun 1929. Thomas married (MRIN:44976) Margaret Adeline MENDENHALL-132703 in 1874.

Margaret Adeline MENDENHALL [Parents]-132703 was born on 30 Sep 1858 in Greenwood, Sebastian, Arkansas. She died on 20 May 1884 in , , Arkansas. Margaret married (MRIN:44976) Thomas Pemberton YADON-132820 in 1874.

Eli MENDENHALL [Parents]-132671 was born on 2 Sep 1815 in , Lincoln, North Carolina. He died on 16 Dec 1879 in , Gaston, North Carolina. Eli married (MRIN:44977) Jane RHYNE-132821 in , Lincoln, North Carolina.

Jane RHYNE-132821 was born in 1809. Jane married (MRIN:44977) Eli MENDENHALL-132671 in , Lincoln, North Carolina.

They had the following children.

  M i
W. W. MENDENHALL-132822.
  M ii
Mark MENDENHALL-132823.
  F iii Amanda Lucinda MENDENHALL-132824 was born on 18 Apr 1844. She died on 8 Jan 1892.
  M iv William Worth MENDENHALL-132825 was born on 7 Jan 1848. He died on 6 Apr 1931.
  M v
Robert MENDENHALL-132826 was born on 24 Sep 1850. He died on 1 Jun 1877.
  F vi Margaret R. MENDENHALL-132827 was born on 24 Feb 1853. She died on 14 Jul 1876.
  F vii Mary MENDENHALL-132828 was born in 1855.
  F viii
Anna MENDENHALL-132829 was born on 2 Mar 1856. She died on 2 Aug 1856.
  F ix
Laura A. MENDENHALL-132830 was born on 11 Jul 1858. She died on 5 Dec 1858.
  M x
Meek MENDENHALL-132831 was born in 1865. He died in 1935.
  F xi
Laura L. MENDENHALL-132832 was born in Jan 1866. She died on 2 Aug 1867.

Leroy Benson FERGUSON-132833 was born on 14 Feb 1845 in , Lincoln, North Carolina. He died on 27 Oct 1914 in , Gaston, North Carolina. Leroy married (MRIN:44978) Amanda Lucinda MENDENHALL-132824 on 15 Jan 1867 in , Gaston, North Carolina.

Amanda Lucinda MENDENHALL [Parents]-132824 was born on 18 Apr 1844 in , Lincoln, North Carolina. She died on 8 Jan 1892 in , Gaston, North Carolina. Amanda married (MRIN:44978) Leroy Benson FERGUSON-132833 on 15 Jan 1867 in , Gaston, North Carolina.

William Worth MENDENHALL [Parents]-132825 was born on 7 Jan 1848. He died on 6 Apr 1931. William married (MRIN:44979) Sarah V. HILL-132834.

Sarah V. HILL-132834 was born on 16 Nov 1852. She died on 10 Jan 1930. Sarah married (MRIN:44979) William Worth MENDENHALL-132825.

They had the following children.

  M i
Augustus Guy MENDENHALL-132835.
  M ii James Edward MENDENHALL-132836 was born in 1870.
  F iii Mary MENDENHALL-132837 was born in 1872.
  F iv Ida Jane MENDENHALL-132838 was born on 6 Nov 1873. She died on 28 Mar 1942.
  M v
W. N. MENDENHALL-132839 was born on 27 Apr 1875. He died on 21 Aug 1877.
  M vi
Guy Cicero MENDENHALL-132840 was born in Oct 1879. He died on 8 May 1938 in Pittsboro, Chatham, North Carolina.
  M vii R. C. MENDENHALL-132841 was born in Feb 1882. He died on 2 Jun 1959.
  M viii
Giles Young MENDENHALL-132842 was born in Oct 1887.
  F ix Eunice McCurdy MENDENHALL-132843 was born on 22 Jul 1889. She died on 22 Mar 1951.
  F x
Essie Bryte MENDENHALL-132844 was born in Nov 1893.

James Edward MENDENHALL [Parents]-132836 was born in 1870. James married (MRIN:44980) Letha C. LOFTIS-132845.

Letha C. LOFTIS-132845 was born about 1876. Letha married (MRIN:44980) James Edward MENDENHALL-132836.

Forrest ELMORE-132846 was born about 1865. Forrest married (MRIN:44981) Mary MENDENHALL-132837.

Mary MENDENHALL [Parents]-132837 was born in 1872. Mary married (MRIN:44981) Forrest ELMORE-132846.

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