Earl Jones Genealogy

Donald BOYD-111370. Donald married (MRIN:38406) Norma Lavone CHILDERS-111369.

Norma Lavone CHILDERS [Parents]-111369 was born on 1 Oct 1938. Norma married (MRIN:38406) Donald BOYD-111370.

Gerald Woodrow CHILDERS [Parents]-111371 was born on 15 Feb 1940. Gerald married (MRIN:38407) Norma Jean LANGLEY-111372.

Norma Jean LANGLEY-111372. Norma married (MRIN:38407) Gerald Woodrow CHILDERS-111371.

James BOYD-111374. James married (MRIN:38408) Ellen May CHILDERS-111373.

Ellen May CHILDERS [Parents]-111373 was born on 4 Dec 1941. Ellen married (MRIN:38408) James BOYD-111374.

Jerry Eugene BUTTS-111376. Jerry married (MRIN:38409) Sharon Lee CHILDERS-111375.

Sharon Lee CHILDERS [Parents]-111375 was born on 26 Jan 1944. Sharon married (MRIN:38409) Jerry Eugene BUTTS-111376.

Billy Joe CHILDERS [Parents]-111378 was born on 7 May 1949. Billy married (MRIN:38410) Reginia LITTLE-111379.

Reginia LITTLE-111379. Reginia married (MRIN:38410) Billy Joe CHILDERS-111378.

Olen Elmer HORN [Parents]-109199 was born on 17 Mar 1925. He died on 5 Oct 1977 in , , California from Accident in California . Olen married (MRIN:38411) Jesse Louise HOLTON-111357 after 1947.


Jesse Louise HOLTON-111357 was born about 1925. Jesse married (MRIN:38411) Olen Elmer HORN-109199 after 1947.

Other marriages:
HORN, David Silas

They had the following children.

  F i
Linda Elaine HORN-111382.
  F ii
Sherry HORN-111383.
  F iii
Lucille HORN-111384.
  M iv
Gene HORN-111385.

James Cecil HORN [Parents]-109200 was born on 9 Feb 1929 in Gypsy, Creek, Oklahoma. He died on 29 Mar 1989 in Seminole, Seminole, Oklahoma. He was buried on 31 Mar 1989 in Stroud City Cemetery, Stroud, Lincoln, Oklahoma. James married (MRIN:38412) Barbara Ann SINGLETON-111386 on 16 Feb 1949 in Bristow, Creek, Oklahma.

Barbara Ann SINGLETON [Parents]-111386 was born on 11 Apr 1932 in , , Oklahoma. She died on 19 Dec 1988 in Bristow, Creek, Oklahoma. Barbara married (MRIN:38412) James Cecil HORN-109200 on 16 Feb 1949 in Bristow, Creek, Oklahma.

They had the following children.

  F i Retha Ann HORN-111387 was born on 1 Jan 1951.
  M ii
Larry Cecil HORN-111389 was born on 31 Oct 1955 in Pawhuska, Osage, Oklahoma. He died on 23 Dec 1970 in Groom, Carson, Texas. He was buried on 26 Dec 1970 in Stroud City Cemetery, Stroud, Lincoln, Oklahoma.

Marvin TODD-111388. Marvin married (MRIN:38413) Retha Ann HORN-111387 in Pampa, Gray, Texas.

Retha Ann HORN [Parents]-111387 was born on 1 Jan 1951 in Duncan, Stephens, Oklahoma. Retha married (MRIN:38413) Marvin TODD-111388 in Pampa, Gray, Texas.

Paul CROSS [Parents]-109203 was born on 9 Sep 1921. Paul married (MRIN:38414) Elva Mae CHILDRESS-111390.

Elva Mae CHILDRESS-111390 was born on 16 Nov 1921. Elva married (MRIN:38414) Paul CROSS-109203.

They had the following children.

  M i
Frank CROSS-111391 was born on 23 Sep 1943.
  M ii Carl CROSS-111392 was born on 2 Jan 1946.
  M iii Odis CROSS-111394 was born on 21 Dec 1947.
  F iv Pauline CROSS-111396 was born on 28 Sep 1950.
  M v
Richard CROSS-111398 was born on 2 Aug 1955.
  M vi
Larry CROSS-111399 was born on 1 Jun 1959.

Carl CROSS [Parents]-111392 was born on 2 Jan 1946. Carl married (MRIN:38415) Kay BOWDEN-111393 on 18 Feb 1966.

Kay BOWDEN-111393. Kay married (MRIN:38415) Carl CROSS-111392 on 18 Feb 1966.

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