Earl Jones Genealogy

Edward Albert MENDENHALL [Parents]-105557 was born on 9 Feb 1884 in Illinois City, , Illinois. He died on 9 Mar 1947 in Anderson, Madison, Illinois. Edward married (MRIN:36728) Bessie Jane GARDNER-105558 on 29 Aug 1906 in Walker, Linn, Iowa.

Bessie Jane GARDNER-105558 was born on 28 Aug 1886 in Coggon, Linn, Iowa. She died on 16 Nov 1970 in Niles, Berrien, Michigan. Bessie married (MRIN:36728) Edward Albert MENDENHALL-105557 on 29 Aug 1906 in Walker, Linn, Iowa.

They had the following children.

  M i Peter Burt MENDENHALL-105671 was born on 4 Jul 1907. He died on 16 Dec 1967.
  M ii Harold Edward MENDENHALL-105672 was born on 5 Apr 1915. He died on 4 Sep 1998.
  M iii Leslie MENDENHALL-105673 was born in 1917.
  M iv James Marion MENDENHALL-105674 was born on 12 Aug 1920. He died on 16 Oct 1967.
  M v
Aloy MENDENHALL-105675 was born in 1923.
  M vi
Eugene MENDENHALL-105676 was born in 1925.
  M vii
Ivan Richard MENDENHALL-105677 was born on 27 Feb 1929 in Dowaglac, Cass, Michigan. He died on 7 Nov 1930.

William VAN DYKE-105560. William married (MRIN:36729) Ella Mae MENDENHALL-105559.

Ella Mae MENDENHALL [Parents]-105559 was born on 30 Aug 1879 in , , Missouri. She died on 2 Sep 1952. Ella married (MRIN:36729) William VAN DYKE-105560.

HOOD-105562. HOOD married (MRIN:36730) Cora Belle MENDENHALL-105561.

Cora Belle MENDENHALL [Parents]-105561 was born on 12 Apr 1894 in , , Iowa. She died in Jun 1926. Cora married (MRIN:36730) HOOD-105562.

Other marriages:

Omer H. WALTERS-105567. Omer married (MRIN:36731) Anna L. MENDENHALL-105566.

Anna L. MENDENHALL [Parents]-105566 was born on 15 Mar 1876 in , , Missouri. She died on 13 Jun 1882. Anna married (MRIN:36731) Omer H. WALTERS-105567.

Albert Ray BURNETT [Parents]-105214 was born on 23 Apr 1896 in Mount Vernon, Iowa. He died on 17 Jun 1984 in Sacramento, California. Albert married (MRIN:36732) M. ROBINSON-105568.

Other marriages:
POOL, Florence


M. ROBINSON-105568 was born about 1898 in , , Iowa. M. ROBINSON married (MRIN:36732) Albert Ray BURNETT-105214.

They had the following children.

  F i

Clyde J. BURNETT [Parents]-105215 was born on 26 Jan 1899 in , , Iowa. He died in Feb 1984 in Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa. He was buried in St. Joseph Cemetery, Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa. Clyde was baptized on 6 Jun 2007 in the Idaho Falls Idaho temple. He was endowed on 30 Nov 2010 in the Idaho Falls Idaho temple. Clyde married (MRIN:36733) Alma B.-105569.


Alma B.-105569 was born on 2 Dec 1903. She died on 15 May 1988 in Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa. Alma married (MRIN:36733) Clyde J. BURNETT-105215.

They had the following children.

  M i
Living BURNETT-135579.

James ALBEE-105570. James married (MRIN:36734) Ella BURNETT-105210.

Ella BURNETT [Parents]-105210 was born in 1882 in , , Minnesota. She died in Long Lake, Hennepin, Minnesota. Ella married (MRIN:36734) James ALBEE-105570.

HARMON-105571. HARMON married (MRIN:36735) Elsie BURNETT-105211.

Elsie BURNETT [Parents]-105211 was born in 1885 in , , Minnesota. Elsie married (MRIN:36735) HARMON-105571.

Tommy ANDERSON [Parents]-105576. Tommy married (MRIN:36736) Mincola BOLAND-105577. He was related to his parents by adoption


Mincola BOLAND [Parents]-105577. Mincola married (MRIN:36736) Tommy ANDERSON-105576.


He had the following children.

  F i Mincola BOLAND-105577.
  M ii
Jack BOLAND-105579.

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