Earl Jones Genealogy

ROGERS-98165. ROGERS married (MRIN:34533) Hazel LAYMON-98164.

Hazel LAYMON [Parents]-98164 was born in 1903 in , , Kansas. Hazel married (MRIN:34533) ROGERS-98165.

Preston WHITE-98167. Preston married (MRIN:34534) Murl LAYMON-98166.

Murl LAYMON [Parents]-98166 was born about 1896. Murl married (MRIN:34534) Preston WHITE-98167.

R. B. GLINES-98169. R. B. GLINES married (MRIN:34535) Ada C. LAYMON-98168.

Ada C. LAYMON [Parents]-98168 was born on 8 Jun 1901 in , Jasper, Illinois. She died on 13 Apr 1996 in Butte, Californai. Ada married (MRIN:34535) R. B. GLINES-98169.

Vernon KINDER-98171. Vernon married (MRIN:34536) Velma LAYMON-98170.

Velma LAYMON [Parents]-98170 was born on 26 Nov 1897 in , Jasper, Illinois. She died on 15 Jul 1977 in Painesville, Lake, Ohio. Velma married (MRIN:34536) Vernon KINDER-98171.

MC CASLIN-98173. MC CASLIN married (MRIN:34537) Dorothy LAYMON-98172.

Dorothy LAYMON [Parents]-98172 was born about 1898. Dorothy married (MRIN:34537) MC CASLIN-98173.

FAUGHT-98175. FAUGHT married (MRIN:34538) Elizabeth LAYMON-98174.

Elizabeth LAYMON [Parents]-98174 was born about 1899. Elizabeth married (MRIN:34538) FAUGHT-98175.

Orlin Roy CRAMPTON [Parents]-98176 was born on 17 Apr 1898 in , , Illinois. He died on 27 Sep 1986. Orlin married (MRIN:34539) Vera Marie BAILEY-98177 on 15 Sep 1920 in Sullivan, Illinois.

Vera Marie BAILEY-98177 was born on 17 Jul 1900 in Willow Hill, , Illinois. She died on 20 Jun 1992 in , Crawford, Illinois. Vera married (MRIN:34539) Orlin Roy CRAMPTON-98176 on 15 Sep 1920 in Sullivan, Illinois.

They had the following children.

  M i Neil CRAMPTON-98182 was born about 1921.
  M ii Keith CRAMPTON-98180 was born on 21 Sep 1922. He died on 29 Jun 2009.

Charles COX [Parents]-98178 was born on 27 Jun 1906 in Willow Hill, , Illinois. Charles married (MRIN:34540) Esco ROBINSON-98179 on 25 Dec 1927.


Esco ROBINSON-98179. Esco married (MRIN:34540) Charles COX-98178 on 25 Dec 1927.

They had the following children.

  F i Linda Lou COX-98184 was born on 27 Mar 1936.

Keith CRAMPTON [Parents]-98180 was born on 21 Sep 1922. He died on 29 Jun 2009 in Robinson, Crawford, Illinois. Keith married (MRIN:34541) Hazel CRUZIER-98181.

Hazel CRUZIER-98181. Hazel married (MRIN:34541) Keith CRAMPTON-98180.

Neil CRAMPTON [Parents]-98182 was born about 1921. Neil married (MRIN:34542) Mary-98183.

Mary-98183. Mary married (MRIN:34542) Neil CRAMPTON-98182.

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