Earl Jones Genealogy

Samuel GRANDIN [Parents]-8408 was born about 1722. He died in Aug 1776. Samuel married (MRIN:3267) Susanna JOHNSTON-8409 on 22 Dec 1752 in , , New Jersey.

Susanna JOHNSTON-8409. Susanna married (MRIN:3267) Samuel GRANDIN-8408 on 22 Dec 1752 in , , New Jersey.

Bassingborne THROCKMORTON-8413.

He had the following children.

  M i John THROCKMORTON "Sr"-8411 was born in 1600/1610. He died in 1683/1684.

John COGGESHALL-8416. John married (MRIN:3269) Patience THROCKMORTON-8415 in Dec 1655.

Patience THROCKMORTON [Parents]-8415 was born in 1640 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island. She died on 7 Sep 1676 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island. Patience married (MRIN:3269) John COGGESHALL-8416 in Dec 1655.

Joseph THROCKMORTON "Sr" [Parents]-8426 was born on 4 Aug 1693 in Middletown, Monmouth, New Jersey. Joseph married (MRIN:3270) Mary Alice COX-8427.

Mary Alice COX-8427. Mary married (MRIN:3270) Joseph THROCKMORTON "Sr"-8426.

They had the following children.

  M i Joseph THROCKMORTON "Jr"-8488.

Amice GRANDIN-8429. Amice married (MRIN:3271) Patience THROCKMORTON-8428 on 23 Sep 1732 in , Monmouth, New Jersey.

Patience THROCKMORTON [Parents]-8428. Patience married (MRIN:3271) Amice GRANDIN-8429 on 23 Sep 1732 in , Monmouth, New Jersey.

Samuel LEONARD [Parents]-8430. Samuel married (MRIN:3272) Sarah BROOKS-8431.

Sarah BROOKS-8431. Sarah married (MRIN:3272) Samuel LEONARD-8430.

Nathaniel LEONARD [Parents]-8432. Nathaniel married (MRIN:3273) Hannah LAWRENCE-8433 on 9 Jan 1693/1694.

Hannah LAWRENCE [Parents]-8433. Hannah married (MRIN:3273) Nathaniel LEONARD-8432 on 9 Jan 1693/1694.

Other marriages:
GROVER, Joseph

Lloyd UNKNOWN-8439. Lloyd married (MRIN:3274) Rachel GRANDIN-8438.

Rachel GRANDIN [Parents]-8438 was born about 1772. She died on 9 Jul 1858. Rachel married (MRIN:3274) Lloyd UNKNOWN-8439.

Jonathan TRUEMAN-8443. Jonathan married (MRIN:3275) Jane GRANDIN-8442.

Jane GRANDIN [Parents]-8442. Jane married (MRIN:3275) Jonathan TRUEMAN-8443.

Aaron FORMAN "Sr" [Parents]-8447 was born in 1637 in England. Aaron married (MRIN:3276) Dorothy-8448.

Dorothy-8448. Dorothy married (MRIN:3276) Aaron FORMAN "Sr"-8447.

They had the following children.

  M i Samuel FORMAN "Sr"-8445 was born in 1662. He died on 13 Oct 1740.
  M ii Aaron FORMAN "Jr"-8456.
  M iii Alexander FORMAN-8459.
  M iv Thomas FORMAN-8461.

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