Earl Jones Genealogy

William Riley VAUGHN-8319. William married (MRIN:3227) Sarah Caroline BUTLER-8318 on 6 Oct 1857 in , Wayne, Kentucky.

Sarah Caroline BUTLER [Parents]-8318 was born in 1839 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Sarah married (MRIN:3227) William Riley VAUGHN-8319 on 6 Oct 1857 in , Wayne, Kentucky.


Carl Willey DE FORD [Parents]-9405 was born on 20 Jan 1892 in , , Iowa. He died on 10 Oct 1957 in Kansas City, Clay, Missouri. He was buried on 13 Oct 1957 in Greenlawn Cemetery, Des Moines, , Iowa. Carl married (MRIN:3228) Jennie E. DART-6389 on 27 Jul 1912.

Jennie E. DART-6389 was born on 8 Jan 1893 in , , Iowa. She died in 1969 in Desmoines, Polk, Iowa. Jennie married (MRIN:3228) Carl Willey DE FORD-9405 on 27 Jul 1912.

They had the following children.

  F i
DE FORD-235186.
  F ii
DE FORD-235187.
  F iii
DE FORD-235188.
  F iv
DE FORD-235189.
  M v Howard Wiley DE FORD-3005 was born on 24 Dec 1921. He died on 11 Nov 1979.

J. W. WILLIAMS [Parents]-8327. J. W. WILLIAMS married (MRIN:3229) Pat-8328.

Pat-8328. Pat married (MRIN:3229) J. W. WILLIAMS-8327.

Odie KENNEDY-8333. Odie married (MRIN:3230) Delores WILLIAMS-8332.

Delores WILLIAMS [Parents]-8332. Delores married (MRIN:3230) Odie KENNEDY-8333.

Thomas Andrew WATT-41555 was born in 1853. He died in 1924 in , Yell, Arkansas. Thomas married (MRIN:3231) Elizabeth Alice MC MINN-41530 on 25 Dec 1879 in , Yell, Arkansas.

Elizabeth Alice MC MINN [Parents]-41530 was born in 1859. She died on 3 Jan 1900 in , Yell, Arkansas. Elizabeth married (MRIN:3231) Thomas Andrew WATT-41555 on 25 Dec 1879 in , Yell, Arkansas.

Thomas JONES-8337. Thomas married (MRIN:3232) Anne BRAY-8336 about 1760.

Anne BRAY [Parents]-8336 was born about 1736 in Freehold, Monmouth, New Jersey. She died on 7 Jul 1806. Anne married (MRIN:3232) Thomas JONES-8337 about 1760.

Robert CUMMINGS-8339 was born about 1738. Robert married (MRIN:3233) Hudlah BRAY-8338.

Hudlah BRAY [Parents]-8338 was born in 1740 in Freehold, Monmouth, New Jersey. She died in 1825 in Mansfield, Warren, New Jersey. She was buried in Egbert Mtg., House, Mansfield Twp, New Jersey. Hudlah married (MRIN:3233) Robert CUMMINGS-8339.

Richard Abraham BRAY-8341 was born on 28 May 1614 in St. Katharine by the Tower, Middlesex, England. He died in 1648 in Hockworthy, Devon, , England. Richard married (MRIN:3234) Mary NICHOLES-8342 on 9 Feb 1634 in Lamport, Hampton, England.

Mary NICHOLES-8342 was born in 1617 in Greenwich, Kent, , England. She died in 1648. Mary married (MRIN:3234) Richard Abraham BRAY-8341 on 9 Feb 1634 in Lamport, Hampton, England.

They had the following children.

  M i Richard BRAY-8340 was born in 1636. He died in Oct 1665.

John BRAY "II" [Parents]-8344 was born on 20 Aug 1704. He died on 5 Feb 1765 in Holmdel, Monmouth, New Jersey. John married (MRIN:3235) Elizabeth BOWNE-8345.

Elizabeth BOWNE-8345. Elizabeth married (MRIN:3235) John BRAY "II"-8344.

Other marriages:
BOWNE, Andrew

James BRAY "Sr" [Parents]-8346 was born on 24 Oct 1707 in Middletown, Monmouth, New Jersey. He died on 5 May 1758 in , Hunterdon, New Jersey. James married (MRIN:3236) Elizabeth MARTIN-8347.


Elizabeth MARTIN-8347 was born in 1710. She died in 1830. Elizabeth married (MRIN:3236) James BRAY "Sr"-8346.

They had the following children.

  F i Susannah BRAY-8145 was born in 1742. She died on 7 Jul 1807.
  F ii
Hannah BRAY-8359 was born in 1744.
  F iii
Anne BRAY-8360 was born in 1746.
  M iv
James BRAY "Jr"-8354 was born on 11 Mar 1749. He died on 4 Oct 1777.
  M v Brig. Gen. Daniel BRAY-8355 was born on 12 Oct 1751. He died on 5 Dec 1818.
  M vi John BRAY-8357 was born on 15 Nov 1756. He died in 1845.

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