Earl Jones Genealogy

Lowell C. TAYLOR [Parents]-8255 was born on 16 Jun 1910. Lowell married (MRIN:3207) Lola M.-8256.


Lola M.-8256 was born on 22 Aug 1913. Lola married (MRIN:3207) Lowell C. TAYLOR-8255.

BRANCH-8262. BRANCH married (MRIN:3208) Deanna HUGHES-8261.

Deanna HUGHES [Parents]-8261. Deanna married (MRIN:3208) BRANCH-8262.

Alton Lee MOORE [Parents]-8266 was born on 12 May 1949 in Slaton, Lubbock, Texas. Alton married (MRIN:3209) Karla Ann LEWIS-8267 on 3 Jun 1978.

Karla Ann LEWIS-8267. Karla married (MRIN:3209) Alton Lee MOORE-8266 on 3 Jun 1978.

Dennis Wayne MOORE [Parents]-8268 was born on 25 Jul 1950 in Slaton, Lubbock, Texas. Dennis married (MRIN:3210) April Marie HAMMOND-8269 on 30 Aug 1974.

April Marie HAMMOND-8269. April married (MRIN:3210) Dennis Wayne MOORE-8268 on 30 Aug 1974.

Clifton David BURTON-8271. Clifton married (MRIN:3211) Connie Marie MOORE-8270 on 26 Aug 1989.

Connie Marie MOORE [Parents]-8270 was born on 3 Aug 1957 in Slaton, Lubbock, Texas. Connie married (MRIN:3211) Clifton David BURTON-8271 on 26 Aug 1989.

Jacob RUTHERFORD [Parents]-8274 was born in 1784 in , Montgomery, Virginia. He died about 1860 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Jacob married (MRIN:3212) Elizabeth-8275 about 1805 in , Montgomery, Virginia.

Elizabeth-8275 was born in 1784 in , Montgomery, Virginia. She died after 1860 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Elizabeth married (MRIN:3212) Jacob RUTHERFORD-8274 about 1805 in , Montgomery, Virginia.

They had the following children.

  F i Nancy Polly RUTHERFORD-8298 was born in 1807.
  F ii Rosamond "Rhoda" RUTHERFORD-8273 was born in 1809. She died in 1870.
  M iii Julius RUTHERFORD-8300 was born in 1810.
  F iv Martha Patsy RUTHERFORD-8302 was born in 1812.
  M v
James RUTHERFORD-8304 was born in 1815.
  M vi John RUTHERFORD-8305 was born in 1819.
  M vii Silas RUTHERFORD-8307 was born in 1820.
  F viii Armildda RUTHERFORD-8309 was born in 1821.

Julius REDIFOOT [Parents]-8276 was born in 1765.

He had the following children.

  M i Jacob RUTHERFORD-8274 was born in 1784. He died about 1860.

Isaac RUTHERFORD-8277.

He had the following children.

  M i Julius REDIFOOT-8276 was born in 1765.

Logan BARNETT [Parents]-8279 was born in 1833 in , , Kentucky. Logan married (MRIN:3215) Sarah Ann HALL-8282 in 1853.

Sarah Ann HALL-8282. Sarah married (MRIN:3215) Logan BARNETT-8279 in 1853.

John Shelby "Cody" BARNETT [Parents]-8280 was born in Apr 1841 in , Wayne, Kentucky. He died on 3 Dec 1904 in , Wayne, Kentucky. John married (MRIN:3216) Mahala Elizabeth ALEXANDER-8281 on 30 Jan 1862 in , Wayne, Kentucky.

Mahala Elizabeth ALEXANDER-8281 was born in 1841 in , Wayne, Kentucky. She died on 21 Sep 1899 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Mahala married (MRIN:3216) John Shelby "Cody" BARNETT-8280 on 30 Jan 1862 in , Wayne, Kentucky.

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