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Zollie Livingston HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-83869 was born on 6 Dec 1891 in , Pickens, Alabama. He died on 25 May 1990 in Gordo, Pickens, Alabama. Zollie was baptized on 25 May 2016 in the Oquirrh Mountain Utah temple. Zollie married (MRIN:30085) Norma Arzula HARLESS-84047.

Norma Arzula HARLESS-84047 was born on 17 Jan 1896 in , Pickens, Alabama. She died on 22 Dec 1973. Norma married (MRIN:30085) Zollie Livingston HOLLINGSWORTH-83869.

They had the following children.

  M i
Bardell Oliver HOLLINGSWORTH-84048 was born on 12 Oct 1916 in , , Alabama.
  M ii
Oron Avedis HOLLINGSWORTH-84049 was born on 23 Oct 1921 in , , Alabama.
  F iii
Berledeen HOLLINGSWORTH-84050 was born on 19 Sep 1923 in , , Alabama.

Andrew Jackson DANIEL-84051 was born on 4 Dec 1891 in , , Alabama. He died on 8 Feb 1952 in , Pickens, Alabama. Andrew married (MRIN:30086) Roma Doyle HOLLINGSWORTH-83870 about 1912 in , Pickens, Alabama.

Roma Doyle HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-83870 was born on 11 Jul 1894 in Gordo, Pickens, Alabama. She died on 25 May 1936 in Gordo, Pickens, Alabama. Roma was baptized on 24 Nov 2015 in the Portland Oregon temple. She was endowed on 17 May 2016 in the Houston Texas temple. Roma married (MRIN:30086) Andrew Jackson DANIEL-84051 about 1912 in , Pickens, Alabama.

They had the following children.

  M i
William Woodrow DANIEL-84052 was born on 15 Nov 1912 in , Pickens, Alabama.
  M ii
Andrew Columbus DANIEL-84053 was born on 1 Mar 1914 in , Pickens, Alabama.
  F iii
Louise DANIEL-84054 was born on 11 Sep 1915 in , Pickens, Alabama.
  F iv
Frances Eloise DANIEL-84055 was born on 11 Oct 1917 in , Pickens, Alabama.

Arthur G. CASSIDY-84056 was born on 29 Jul 1897 in Sherman, Grayson, Texas. He died on 16 Sep 1959 in Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas. Arthur was baptized on 10 May 2016 in the Twin Falls Idaho temple. Arthur married (MRIN:30087) Minnie Lauretta HOLLINGSWORTH-83871 on 24 Jul 1918 in , Perry, Arkansas.

Minnie Lauretta HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-83871 was born on 20 Oct 1898. She died on 17 Dec 2004. Minnie married (MRIN:30087) Arthur G. CASSIDY-84056 on 24 Jul 1918 in , Perry, Arkansas.

They had the following children.

  M i
Charleston G. CASSIDY-84057 was born on 15 Jun 1919 in , , Arkansas.
  F ii
Frankie Lucille CASSIDY-84058 was born on 19 Dec 1921. She died on 8 Apr 1922.
  F iii
Ivelene CASSIDY-84059 was born on 10 May 1923.
  F iv
Sybilene CASSIDY-84060 was born on 10 May 1923.
  F v
Helen Faye CASSIDY-84061 was born on 5 Sep 1927.

Howard Franklin HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-83883 was born on 2 Mar 1879 in , , Alabama. He died in 1933 in , Clarke, Alabama. Howard married (MRIN:30088) Mary Valula "Lulu" AVERETT-84062 on 16 Nov 1896 in , , Alabama.

Mary Valula "Lulu" AVERETT-84062 was born in 1869 in , , Alabama. She died in 1947 in , , Alabama. Mary married (MRIN:30088) Howard Franklin HOLLINGSWORTH-83883 on 16 Nov 1896 in , , Alabama.

They had the following children.

  M i
Raymond HOLLINGSWORTH-84063.
  F ii
  F iii
  M iv
Richard HOLLINGSWORTH-84066.
  M v
George H. HOLLINGSWORTH-84067 was born on 3 Apr 1901. He died on 3 May 1951.
  F vi Flossie HOLLINGSWORTH-84068 was born on 4 Dec 1908.

Ira J. HARRISON-84069. Ira married (MRIN:30089) Flossie HOLLINGSWORTH-84068.

Flossie HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-84068 was born on 4 Dec 1908. Flossie married (MRIN:30089) Ira J. HARRISON-84069.

Alfred BRIDGES-84073. Alfred married (MRIN:30090) May Melvina HOLLINGSWORTH-83934.

May Melvina HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-83934 was born in May 1891 in , , Mississippi. May married (MRIN:30090) Alfred BRIDGES-84073.

They had the following children.

  F i Lucille BRIDGES-84074.

FRIZZELL-84075. FRIZZELL married (MRIN:30091) Lucille BRIDGES-84074.

Lucille BRIDGES [Parents]-84074. Lucille married (MRIN:30091) FRIZZELL-84075.

Walker HOLLINGSWORTH "Jr" [Parents]-83984.

He had the following children.

  M i

Charles Murphy JONES [Parents]-84005 was born on 29 Sep 1899 in , Greene, Alabama. He died on 27 Dec 1987 in Canton, Madison, Mississippi. Charles married (MRIN:30093) Effie Elicie SINGLETON-84077.

Effie Elicie SINGLETON-84077 was born on 26 Apr 1894 in , Washington, Alabama. She died on 18 Nov 1978. Effie married (MRIN:30093) Charles Murphy JONES-84005.

They had the following children.

  M i James Charles JONES-84078 was born on 28 Oct 1923.
  F ii Mary Elizabeth JONES-84079 was born on 11 Feb 1926.
  M iii William Lawrence JONES-84080 was born on 16 Aug 1931.
  M iv George Edgar JONES-84081 was born on 1 Oct 1933.
  F v Dorothy Nell JONES-84082 was born on 9 Mar 1936.

William Bryant HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-84017 was born on 22 Oct 1916. He died on 23 Apr 1988 in Druid City Hospital, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. William was sealed to his parents on 17 Apr 2009 in the Mesa Arizona temple. He was baptized on 18 Aug 2000 in the Columbus Ohio temple. He was endowed on 12 Jan 2001 in the Denver Colorado temple. William married (MRIN:30094) Mildred G. LOVE-84083 on 20 Jul 1940.

Mildred G. LOVE-84083 was born on 15 Nov 1918. Mildred married (MRIN:30094) William Bryant HOLLINGSWORTH-84017 on 20 Jul 1940.


They had the following children.

  M i James William HOLLINGSWORTH-84084 was born on 19 Nov 1943.
  F ii Janice Marie HOLLINGSWORTH-84085 was born on 22 Mar 1945.

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