Earl Jones Genealogy

Miles Monroe HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-83956 was born on 10 Aug 1889 in , , Georgia. He died in Apr 1966. Miles married (MRIN:30053) Eula H. REGISTER-83957 before 1918.

Eula H. REGISTER-83957 was born in 1895 in , , Georgia. Eula married (MRIN:30053) Miles Monroe HOLLINGSWORTH-83956 before 1918.

Iverson "Ivey" HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-83958 was born on 16 Sep 1891 in , Worth, Georgia. He died in Mar 1976. Iverson married (MRIN:30054) Fredna COBB-83959 about 1916.

Fredna COBB-83959 was born about 1893 in , , Georgia. Fredna married (MRIN:30054) Iverson "Ivey" HOLLINGSWORTH-83958 about 1916.

Clinton Cornelius HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-83960 was born in Oct 1894 in , , Georgia. Clinton married (MRIN:30055) RITTER-83961.

RITTER-83961 was born about 1898 in , , Florida. RITTER married (MRIN:30055) Clinton Cornelius HOLLINGSWORTH-83960.

Seaborn HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-25652 was born in May 1863 in , Worth, Georgia. Seaborn married (MRIN:30056) Elizabeth L. LAND-83962 on 5 Sep 1888 in , Worth, Georgia.

Elizabeth L. LAND-83962 was born in Sep 1861 in , , Georgia. Elizabeth married (MRIN:30056) Seaborn HOLLINGSWORTH-25652 on 5 Sep 1888 in , Worth, Georgia.

They had the following children.

  F ii
Mattie B. HOLLINGSWORTH-83967 was born in Nov 1888 in , , Georgia.
  F iii
Minnie F. HOLLINGSWORTH-83968 was born in Nov 1890 in , , Georgia.
  M iv
Otis G. HOLLINGSWORTH-83969 was born in Mar 1895 in , , Georgia.
  F v
Ruby E. HOLLINGSWORTH-83970 was born in Oct 1896 in , , Georgia.
  F vi
Ida E. HOLLINGSWORTH-83971 was born in Dec 1899 in , , Georgia.
  F vii
Olia R. HOLLINGSWORTH-83972 was born in 1902 in , , Georgia.

Henry H. HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-69908 was born in Oct 1900 in , , Georgia. Henry married (MRIN:30057) Mable-83964 about 1920.

Mable-83964. Mable married (MRIN:30057) Henry H. HOLLINGSWORTH-69908 about 1920.

John J. HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-69909 was born in 1903 in , , Georgia. He died on 11 Sep 1941. John married (MRIN:30058) Cordelia CARLETON-83965 about 1923.

Cordelia CARLETON-83965. Cordelia married (MRIN:30058) John J. HOLLINGSWORTH-69909 about 1923.

Carl Lee THOMPSON-83966 was born in 1895. He died in 1948. Carl married (MRIN:30059) Beulah Belle HOLLINGSWORTH-69907 about 1915.

Beulah Belle HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-69907 was born on 20 Aug 1896 in , , Georgia. She died in 1948 in Tallahassee, Leon, Florida. Beulah married (MRIN:30059) Carl Lee THOMPSON-83966 about 1915.

Jerry M. WILLIS-83973 was born in Jul 1860 in , , Georgia. He died about 8 Aug 1929. Jerry married (MRIN:30060) Amanda HOLLINGSWORTH-83790 on 5 Mar 1882 in , Worth, Georgia.

Amanda HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-83790 was born in Apr 1867 in , Worth, Georgia. She died about 1930. Amanda married (MRIN:30060) Jerry M. WILLIS-83973 on 5 Mar 1882 in , Worth, Georgia.

They had the following children.

  M i
John H. WILLIS-83974 was born in Jun 1883 in , , Georgia.
  M ii
Joseph L. WILLIS-83975 was born in Oct 1884 in , , Georgia.
  F iii
Irene E. WILLIS-83976 was born in Oct 1886 in , , Georgia.
  F iv
Ida I. WILLIS-83977 was born in Aug 1888 in , , Georgia.
  M v
David H. WILLIS-83978 was born in Feb 1892 in , , Georgia. He died in Jun 1966 in , , Georgia.
  M vi
Willie J. WILLIS-83979 was born in Apr 1894 in , , Georgia. He died in Sep 1966 in , , Georgia.
  F vii
Flora R. WILLIS-83980 was born in Mar 1896 in , , Georgia.
  F viii
Versie V. WILLIS-83981 was born in May 1898 in , , Georgia.

Henry William HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-83791 was born in May 1869 in , Worth, Georgia. Henry married (MRIN:30061) Sylvia E. TISON-83982 on 7 Feb 1895 in , Worth, Georgia.

Sylvia E. TISON-83982 was born in Sep 1873 in , Worth, Georgia. Sylvia married (MRIN:30061) Henry William HOLLINGSWORTH-83791 on 7 Feb 1895 in , Worth, Georgia.

They had the following children.

  M i
Henry M. HOLLINGSWORTH-83983 was born in Jan 1896 in , Worth, Georgia.

Walker Eugene HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-237901 was born on 11 Sep 1877 in , Houston, Texas.

He had the following children.

  M i Walker HOLLINGSWORTH "Jr"-83984.

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