Earl Jones Genealogy

Mario DOMINIQUE-81662. Mario married (MRIN:29264) Robbe Jane RICHARDSON-81661.

Robbe Jane RICHARDSON [Parents]-81661. Robbe married (MRIN:29264) Mario DOMINIQUE-81662.

Mike HARMON-81664. Mike married (MRIN:29265) Risa Karen RICHARDSON-81663.

Risa Karen RICHARDSON [Parents]-81663. Risa married (MRIN:29265) Mike HARMON-81664.

Tip Randell RICHARDSON [Parents]-81665. Tip married (MRIN:29266) Kathy CROOK-81666.

Kathy CROOK-81666. Kathy married (MRIN:29266) Tip Randell RICHARDSON-81665.

Joe GARRITY-81668. Joe married (MRIN:29267) Rebecca Kay RICHARDSON-81667.

Rebecca Kay RICHARDSON [Parents]-81667. Rebecca married (MRIN:29267) Joe GARRITY-81668.

James Robert HOLLINGSWORTH “Jr” [Parents]-24228.

He had the following children.

  F i
Summer Rose HOLLINGSWORTH-81669.

Ted ASSITER-101857. Ted married (MRIN:29269) Norma "Corky" MARTIN-1131 in 2002.

Norma "Corky" MARTIN-1131. Norma married (MRIN:29269) Ted ASSITER-101857 in 2002.

Other marriages:
FULLINGIM, Robert Louie

David Arthur JONES [Parents]-24317 was born on 7 Nov 1965. David married (MRIN:29270) Jessica JONES-81671.

Jessica JONES-81671. Jessica married (MRIN:29270) David Arthur JONES-24317.

Norman JUSTICE-81717. Norman married (MRIN:29271) Vertie DILLS-81718.

Vertie DILLS-81718. Vertie married (MRIN:29271) Norman JUSTICE-81717.

They had the following children.

  M i Doyle Lee JUSTICE-79809 was born on 9 Mar 1951.

Johnny HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-24246.

He had the following children.

  M i
  F ii
Shana Marie HOLLINGSWORTH-81722.

Mark HUNT [Parents]-24302 was born on 3 Feb 1967. Mark married (MRIN:29273) Maria LOZA-81723.

Other marriages:
ACOSTA, Dianna

Maria LOZA-81723. Maria married (MRIN:29273) Mark HUNT-24302.

They had the following children.

  F i
Corine HUNT-81724.
  M ii
Mark Ewing HUNT-81725.

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