Earl Jones Genealogy

Lou LANNING-76989. Lou married (MRIN:27645) Waynette CAPPS-76988.

Waynette CAPPS [Parents]-76988. Waynette married (MRIN:27645) Lou LANNING-76989.

Vernon Lane MC MINN "Jr" [Parents]-41333 was born on 31 Aug 1934 in , Henderson, North Carolina. He died on 3 Apr 1999 in Fletcher, Henderson, North Carolina. He was buried on 7 Apr 1999 in Shepherd Memorial Park, Henderson, North Carolina. Vernon married (MRIN:27646) Claudia Mae BALDWIN-41738 in 1955.


Claudia Mae BALDWIN [Parents]-41738. Claudia married (MRIN:27646) Vernon Lane MC MINN "Jr"-41333 in 1955.

They had the following children.

  M i Michael MC MINN-76993.
  F ii Debbie MC MINN-76995.
  F iii Cindy MC MINN-76997.

Michael MC MINN [Parents]-76993. Michael married (MRIN:27647) Roxanne-76994.

Roxanne-76994. Roxanne married (MRIN:27647) Michael MC MINN-76993.

They had the following children.

  M i
Josh MC MINN-76999.
  F ii
Tabitha MC MINN-77005.
  F iii
Michaela MC MINN-77006.

Jay HUNTLEY-76996. Jay married (MRIN:27648) Debbie MC MINN-76995.

Debbie MC MINN [Parents]-76995. Debbie married (MRIN:27648) Jay HUNTLEY-76996.

They had the following children.

  M i
Tyler HUNTLEY-76998.

WORSHAM-77000. WORSHAM married (MRIN:27649) Cindy MC MINN-76997.

Cindy MC MINN [Parents]-76997. Cindy married (MRIN:27649) WORSHAM-77000.

They had the following children.

  M i Kevin WORSHAM-77004.

Kevin WORSHAM [Parents]-77004.

He had the following children.

  M i
Trent WORSHAM-77001.
  F ii
Terri WORSHAM-77002.
  M iii
Shelby WORSHAM-77003.

Buddy MC MINN [Parents]-77007. Buddy married (MRIN:27651) JoAnn-77008.

JoAnn-77008. JoAnn married (MRIN:27651) Buddy MC MINN-77007.

Calvin MC MINN [Parents]-77009. Calvin married (MRIN:27652) Marie-77010.

Marie-77010. Marie married (MRIN:27652) Calvin MC MINN-77009.

Junior PEEK-77012. Junior married (MRIN:27653) Jane MC MINN-77011.

Jane MC MINN [Parents]-77011. Jane married (MRIN:27653) Junior PEEK-77012.

Eugene BAKER-77014. Eugene married (MRIN:27654) Ruth MC MINN-77013.

Ruth MC MINN [Parents]-77013. Ruth married (MRIN:27654) Eugene BAKER-77014.

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