Earl Jones Genealogy

Bill CHILDRESS-75767 was born about 1900. Bill married (MRIN:27144) Carrie E. NOE-75766.

Carrie E. NOE [Parents]-75766 was born in Mar 1900 in , Hamblen, Tennessee. Carrie married (MRIN:27144) Bill CHILDRESS-75767.

William Robert NOE [Parents]-74284 was born on 3 May 1874. He died on 30 Jan 1949. He was buried in Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery. William married (MRIN:27145) Lizzie Janice "Janie" MADDOX-75779 on 3 Apr 1906.

Lizzie Janice "Janie" MADDOX-75779 was born on 8 Sep 1888. She died on 22 Dec 1970. She was buried in Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery. Lizzie married (MRIN:27145) William Robert NOE-74284 on 3 Apr 1906.

They had the following children.

  M i
Clifford NOE-75780 was born on 8 Jan 1909. He died on 28 Sep 1928.
  F ii
Adline Mae NOE-75781 was born on 12 Dec 1915. She died on 23 Apr 1916.
  M iii
Carl Lee NOE-75782 was born on 13 Mar 1924. He died on 30 Mar 1924.

John W. ADAMS [Parents]-74290 was born on 9 Mar 1875. He died on 12 Apr 1938. John married (MRIN:27146) Kate COLLINS-75783 in 1897.

Kate COLLINS-75783 was born on 12 Jun 1877. She died on 11 Feb 1964. She was buried in Bean Station Baptist Church Cemetery. Kate married (MRIN:27146) John W. ADAMS-74290 in 1897.

They had the following children.

  F i Mary ADAMS-75784 was born about 1899.
  M ii
J. W. ADAMS-75788 was born about 1903 in , Hamblen, Tennessee.
  M iii Elmer F. ADAMS-75786 was born on 24 Jun 1906. He died on 17 Dec 1968.

Clay COFFEY-75785. Clay married (MRIN:27147) Mary ADAMS-75784.

Mary ADAMS [Parents]-75784 was born about 1899 in , Hamblen, Tennessee. Mary married (MRIN:27147) Clay COFFEY-75785.

Elmer F. ADAMS [Parents]-75786 was born on 24 Jun 1906. He died on 17 Dec 1968. Elmer married (MRIN:27148) Cora M. WILDER-75787.

Cora M. WILDER-75787 was born on 25 Oct 1905. She died on 3 Mar 1977. Cora married (MRIN:27148) Elmer F. ADAMS-75786.

William F. HOLT-75789 was born on 30 Jan 1874. He died on 2 Dec 1917. William married (MRIN:27149) Joanne ADAMS-74292.

Joanne ADAMS [Parents]-74292 was born on 6 Sep 1876 in , Hamblen, Tennessee. She died on 9 Aug 1919 in , Hamblen, Tennessee. Joanne married (MRIN:27149) William F. HOLT-75789.

They had the following children.

  F i
Addie HOLT-75790 was born on 9/9 Jun 1889/1898. She died on 4 Aug 1976.

Alex BELL-75791. Alex married (MRIN:27150) Lizzie J. CARSON-74499 in 1877.

Lizzie J. CARSON [Parents]-74499 was born in 1857. Lizzie married (MRIN:27150) Alex BELL-75791 in 1877.

WYKLE-75793. WYKLE married (MRIN:27151) Mary Catherine PURKEYPILE-75792.

Mary Catherine PURKEYPILE [Parents]-75792. Mary married (MRIN:27151) WYKLE-75793.

Max COOPER-75795. Max married (MRIN:27152) Ellaree PURKEYPILE-75794.

Ellaree PURKEYPILE [Parents]-75794 was born on 29 Dec 1914. She died on 3 Feb 1998 in Mohawk, Greene, Tennessee. Ellaree married (MRIN:27152) Max COOPER-75795.

Bill HOYTER-75798. Bill married (MRIN:27153) Geneva P. PURKEYPILE-75797.

Geneva P. PURKEYPILE [Parents]-75797 was born on 28 Feb 1913. She died on 15 Dec 1997. Geneva married (MRIN:27153) Bill HOYTER-75798.

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