Earl Jones Genealogy

Donald Jackson BLEVINS-6905 was born on 9 Mar 1886 in , Baxter, Arkansas. He died on 29 Mar 1973. Donald was sealed to his parents on 25 Mar 1998 in the Jordan River Utah temple. He was baptized on 3 Apr 1996 in the Jordan River Utah temple. He was endowed on 10 Feb 1998 in the Jordan River Utah temple. Donald married (MRIN:2683) Dulah - Dula BAKER-6904. They were sealed on 5 May 1998 in the Ogden Utah temple.


Dulah - Dula BAKER [Parents]-6904 was born on 23 Sep 1889 in , Baxter, Arkansas. She died on 3 Aug 1969. Dulah was sealed to her parents on 15 Oct 2009 in the Ogden Utah temple. She was baptized on 10 Aug 1998 in the Ogden Utah temple. She was endowed on 5 Mar 1999 in the Mount Timpanogos Utah temple. Dulah married (MRIN:2683) Donald Jackson BLEVINS-6905. They were sealed on 5 May 1998 in the Ogden Utah temple.

Gloyst UNDERHILL-6907 was born about 1881. Gloyst married (MRIN:2684) Lillian BAKER-6906.

Lillian BAKER [Parents]-6906 was born about 1887. Lillian married (MRIN:2684) Gloyst UNDERHILL-6907.

Ullman DAVIS-6911. Ullman married (MRIN:2685) Mable BAKER-6910.

Mable BAKER [Parents]-6910 was born about 1895. Mable married (MRIN:2685) Ullman DAVIS-6911.

W. U. MC CABE-6914. W. U. MC CABE married (MRIN:2686) Frances Adella BAKER-6913.

Frances Adella BAKER [Parents]-6913 was born in Nov 1879 in , , Arkansas. Frances married (MRIN:2686) W. U. MC CABE-6914.

George DECK-6921. George married (MRIN:2687) Guila BAKER-6920.

Guila BAKER [Parents]-6920 was born in 1898 in , , Arkansas. Guila married (MRIN:2687) George DECK-6921.

John TAYLOR-6923. John married (MRIN:2688) Carrie Jane BAKER-6922.

Carrie Jane BAKER [Parents]-6922 was born in Aug 1889 in , , Arkansas. Carrie married (MRIN:2688) John TAYLOR-6923.

Fred GUSTAFSON-6930. Fred married (MRIN:2689) Nellie BRYANT-6929.

Nellie BRYANT [Parents]-6929 was born about 1895 in , , Arkansas. Nellie married (MRIN:2689) Fred GUSTAFSON-6930.

E. R. CRIST-6933. E. R. CRIST married (MRIN:2690) Daisy BRYANT-6932.

Daisy BRYANT [Parents]-6932. Daisy married (MRIN:2690) E. R. CRIST-6933.

Ralph JOHNSON-6935. Ralph married (MRIN:2691) Hazel BRYANT-6934.

Hazel BRYANT [Parents]-6934. Hazel married (MRIN:2691) Ralph JOHNSON-6935.

Grady PHILLIPS-6937. Grady married (MRIN:2692) Myrtle E. BAKER-6936.

Myrtle E. BAKER [Parents]-6936 was born in 1886 in , Baxter, Arkansas. Myrtle was baptized on 23 Feb 2010. Myrtle married (MRIN:2692) Grady PHILLIPS-6937.

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