Earl Jones Genealogy

William A. NOAH [Parents]-73528 was born in Apr 1856 in , , Iowa. William married (MRIN:26794) Jeannie-74858.

Jeannie-74858 was born in May 1860 in , , Kansas. Jeannie married (MRIN:26794) William A. NOAH-73528.

They had the following children.

  F i
Elsie F. NOAH-74859 was born in Oct 1883 in , , Missouri.
  F ii
Lula I. NOAH-74860 was born in Nov 1885 in , , Missouri.
  M iii
Ansel W. NOAH-74861 was born in Aug 1887 in , , Missouri.
  M iv
Earl F. NOAH-74862 was born in May 1896 in , , Nebraska.

Thomas Wesley NOAH "Sr" [Parents]-73529 was born on 12 Feb 1860 in , , Iowa. He died after 1900. Thomas married (MRIN:26795) Ida Belle HOGAN-74863 before 1887.

Ida Belle HOGAN-74863 was born in Jun 1869 in , , Wisconsin. She died after 1900. Ida married (MRIN:26795) Thomas Wesley NOAH "Sr"-73529 before 1887.

They had the following children.

  F i Anna NOAH-74864 was born in Jan 1887.
  M ii
Thomas Wesley NOAH "Jr"-74866 was born in Aug 1888 in , , Nebraska.
  F iii Maud NOAH-74867 was born in Mar 1892.
  M iv Fred NOAH-74869 was born in Feb 1895.
  F v
Rose Alice NOAH-74875 was born in Oct 1897 in , , Nebraska.
  M vi
Henry NOAH-74872 was born after 1897.
  M vii George NOAH-74873 was born after 1897.
  F viii
Emma NOAH-74871 was born after 1897.

BIRCH-74865. BIRCH married (MRIN:26796) Anna NOAH-74864.

Anna NOAH [Parents]-74864 was born in Jan 1887 in , , Nebraska. Anna married (MRIN:26796) BIRCH-74865.

WHITTEN-74868. WHITTEN married (MRIN:26797) Maud NOAH-74867.

Maud NOAH [Parents]-74867 was born in Mar 1892 in , , Nebraska. Maud married (MRIN:26797) WHITTEN-74868.

Fred NOAH [Parents]-74869 was born in Feb 1895 in , , Nebraska. Fred married (MRIN:26798) Carrie LICTZXKE-74870 about 1915.

Other marriages:
COOK, Ruth

Carrie LICTZXKE-74870. Carrie married (MRIN:26798) Fred NOAH-74869 about 1915.

Fred NOAH [Parents]-74869 was born in Feb 1895 in , , Nebraska. Fred married (MRIN:26799) Ruth COOK-74874 after 1915.

Other marriages:

Ruth COOK-74874. Ruth married (MRIN:26799) Fred NOAH-74869 after 1915.

Other marriages:
NOAH, George

George NOAH [Parents]-74873 was born after 1897. George married (MRIN:26800) Ruth COOK-74874 before 1915.

Ruth COOK-74874. Ruth married (MRIN:26800) George NOAH-74873 before 1915.

Other marriages:
NOAH, Fred

Andrew J. CAPPS-74876. Andrew married (MRIN:26801) Hannah Jane NOAH-73556 in 1867.

Hannah Jane NOAH [Parents]-73556 was born on 12 Jul 1844 in , Orange, North Carolina. She died on 5 Jan 1937 in Alamance, Alamance, North Carolina. Hannah married (MRIN:26801) Andrew J. CAPPS-74876 in 1867.

They had the following children.

  F i Martha Ellen CAPPS-74877 was born in 1868. She died in 1937.
  F ii Isidora CAPPS-74879 was born in 1870. She died in 1959.
  F iii Elizabeth "Bettie" CAPPS-74881 was born in 1872. She died in 1965.
  F iv Ara Etta CAPPS-74883 was born in 1873. She died in 1960.
  M v
William CAPPS-74885 was born in 1874. He died in 1962.
  M vi Henry Jackson CAPPS-74886 was born in 1876. He died in 1937.
  F vii Mary Alice CAPPS-74888 was born in 1877. She died in 1956.
  M viii Charles W. CAPPS-74890 was born in 1880. He died in 1930.
  M ix Lonnie CAPPS-74892 was born in 1881. He died in 1915.
  F x Elsie CAPPS-74894 was born in 1888. She died in 1961.

Monroe HOLT-74878. Monroe married (MRIN:26802) Martha Ellen CAPPS-74877.

Martha Ellen CAPPS [Parents]-74877 was born in 1868. She died in 1937. Martha married (MRIN:26802) Monroe HOLT-74878.

William MANN-74880. William married (MRIN:26803) Isidora CAPPS-74879 in 1894.

Isidora CAPPS [Parents]-74879 was born in 1870. She died in 1959. Isidora married (MRIN:26803) William MANN-74880 in 1894.

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