Earl Jones Genealogy

Rueben Richard REED-70626 was born on 30 Jun 1880. He died on 17 Sep 1977. Rueben married (MRIN:25271) Dona L. "Donnie" CHANDLER-70615.

Dona L. "Donnie" CHANDLER [Parents]-70615 was born on 28 Apr 1895 in , Howard, Arkansas. She died on 17 Jan 1987. Dona married (MRIN:25271) Rueben Richard REED-70626.

John KELLY-70627. John married (MRIN:25272) Nancy Emaline CHANDLER-70616.

Nancy Emaline CHANDLER [Parents]-70616 was born on 7 Jun 1890 in , Howard, Arkansas. Nancy married (MRIN:25272) John KELLY-70627.

They had the following children.

  M i
Garner KELLY-70628.
  M ii
William KELLY-70629.
  M iii
Clarence KELLY-70630.

Dock L. CHANDLER [Parents]-70617 was born in 1889 in , Howard, Arkansas. Dock married (MRIN:25273) Ola TARNO-70631.

Ola TARNO-70631 was born in 1891. Ola married (MRIN:25273) Dock L. CHANDLER-70617.

They had the following children.

  M i
Alvin CHANDLER-70632 was born about 1906 in , Howard, Arkansas.
  F ii Cora CHANDLER-70633 was born in 1908.
  F iii Gladys CHANDLER-70634 was born in 1910.

BILLINGS-70635. BILLINGS married (MRIN:25274) Cora CHANDLER-70633.

Cora CHANDLER [Parents]-70633 was born in 1908 in , Howard, Arkansas. Cora married (MRIN:25274) BILLINGS-70635.

WAKEFIELD-70636. WAKEFIELD married (MRIN:25275) Gladys CHANDLER-70634.

Gladys CHANDLER [Parents]-70634 was born in 1910 in , Howard, Arkansas. Gladys married (MRIN:25275) WAKEFIELD-70636.

Dave PEEVY-70637. Dave married (MRIN:25276) Roxie Jane CHANDLER-70618.

Roxie Jane CHANDLER [Parents]-70618 was born on 11 Mar 1903 in , Howard, Arkansas. Roxie married (MRIN:25276) Dave PEEVY-70637.

They had the following children.

  F i Janet PEEVY-70638.

MEGASON-70639. MEGASON married (MRIN:25277) Janet PEEVY-70638.

Janet PEEVY [Parents]-70638. Janet married (MRIN:25277) MEGASON-70639.

Gus Bailey CHANDLER [Parents]-70619 was born on 29 Aug 1898 in , Howard, Arkansas. Gus married (MRIN:25278) Lola JEANES-70640.

Lola JEANES-70640. Lola married (MRIN:25278) Gus Bailey CHANDLER-70619.

Other marriages:

DRISCOLL-70641. DRISCOLL married (MRIN:25279) Lola JEANES-70640.

Lola JEANES-70640. Lola married (MRIN:25279) DRISCOLL-70641.

Other marriages:
CHANDLER, Gus Bailey

They had the following children.

  F i
Georgia Lee DRISCOLL-70642.

Oscar Millard TARNO-70643 was born on 17 Mar 1889 in Tupelo, Jackson, Arkansas. He died on 5 Jun 1968 in Kaufman, Kaufman, Texas. Oscar married (MRIN:25280) Mary Alice CHANDLER-70620.

Mary Alice CHANDLER [Parents]-70620 was born on 10 Nov 1900 in Nashville, Howard, Arkansas. She died in Aug 1986 in Athens, Henderson, Texas. Mary married (MRIN:25280) Oscar Millard TARNO-70643.

They had the following children.

  M i
Clifford Amandus TARNO-70645 was born on 17 Mar 1916 in , , Arkansas. He died on 25 Jul 1953 in Kaufman, Kaufman, Texas.
  M ii
Bonnie Eugene TARNO-70644 was born about 1918.
  M iii
Byron Millard TARNO-70647 was born on 26 Feb 1920 in Nashville, Howard, Arkansas. He died on 1 Jun 2007 in Lancaster, Dallas, Texas.
  M iv
Melford Wayne TARNO-308383 was born on 27 Oct 1921 in , , Arkansas. He died on 21 Jul 1996 in Kemp, Henderson, Texas.
  M v
Winifred Joe TARNO-70646 was born about 1922 in , , Arkansas. He died on 21 Jul 1995 in Kemp, Henderson, Texas.
  M vi
Melvin Ottis TARNO-70651 was born on 28 Nov 1924 in , , Texas. He died on 26 Oct 2010 in Rice, Ellis, Texas.
  F vii
Eileen TARNO-70648 was born about 1925.
  F viii
Clara May TARNO-308384 was born in 1927. She died in 1927.
  F ix
Vinelle TARNO-70649 was born about 1929.
  M x
Ellis Ealas TARNO-70650 was born about 1931.

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