Earl Jones Genealogy

Harvey Lynell HERREN [Parents]-60108 was born on 3 Dec 1931 in , Putnam, Tennessee. He died on 2 Apr 1997 in Bloomington Springs, Putnam, Tennessee.

He had the following children.

  F i Arlene HERREN-62907 was born about 1954.
  F ii Sherry HERREN-62909 was born about 1956.
  F iii Brenda HERREN-62911 was born about 1958.
  F iv Jackie HERREN-62913 was born about 1960.
  M v
Rick HERREN-62915 was born about 1962.
  M vi
Jeffrey HERREN-62916 was born about 1964.
  M vii
Tim HERREN-62917 was born about 1966.

COLLIER-62908. COLLIER married (MRIN:22478) Arlene HERREN-62907.

Arlene HERREN [Parents]-62907 was born about 1954. Arlene married (MRIN:22478) COLLIER-62908.

TATE-62910. TATE married (MRIN:22479) Sherry HERREN-62909.

Sherry HERREN [Parents]-62909 was born about 1956. Sherry married (MRIN:22479) TATE-62910.

ALCORN-62912. ALCORN married (MRIN:22480) Brenda HERREN-62911.

Brenda HERREN [Parents]-62911 was born about 1958. Brenda married (MRIN:22480) ALCORN-62912.

BUTLER-62914. BUTLER married (MRIN:22481) Jackie HERREN-62913.

Jackie HERREN [Parents]-62913 was born about 1960. Jackie married (MRIN:22481) BUTLER-62914.

Donnie Norman HERREN [Parents]-60109 was born on 15 Oct 1936. He died on 28 Feb 1998 in Cookeville, Putnam, Tennessee.

He had the following children.

  M i
Dennis A. HERREN-62918.
  F ii Deborah HERREN-62919.
  F iii Donna HERREN-62921.
  F iv Darcy HERREN-62923.
  M v
Donnie Lynell HERREN-62925.

NELSON-62920. NELSON married (MRIN:22483) Deborah HERREN-62919.

Deborah HERREN [Parents]-62919. Deborah married (MRIN:22483) NELSON-62920.

GEIGER-62922. GEIGER married (MRIN:22484) Donna HERREN-62921.

Donna HERREN [Parents]-62921. Donna married (MRIN:22484) GEIGER-62922.

NYBO-62924. NYBO married (MRIN:22485) Darcy HERREN-62923.

Darcy HERREN [Parents]-62923. Darcy married (MRIN:22485) NYBO-62924.

Roy CASE "Jr"-62926. Roy married (MRIN:22486) Kathleen Mary Etta "Katie" JOHNSON-60116.

Kathleen Mary Etta "Katie" JOHNSON [Parents]-60116 was born on 25 Jun 1931 in , , Alabama. She died on 19 Nov 1997 in Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana. Kathleen married (MRIN:22486) Roy CASE "Jr"-62926.

Other marriages:

They had the following children.

  F i Mary Joann CASE-62928.
  F ii Kari Sue CASE-62929.

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