Earl Jones Genealogy

James Hosea Ballou INMAN-61611 was born in 1853. He died in 1910. James married (MRIN:21946) Victoria Ellen DEAVER-61610 on 26 Jun 1900.

Victoria Ellen DEAVER [Parents]-61610 was born in Jul 1874. She died in 1910. Victoria married (MRIN:21946) James Hosea Ballou INMAN-61611 on 26 Jun 1900.

Thomas Hillard DEAVER [Parents]-61609 was born on 26 Jun 1873 in , , North Carolina. He died in 1944. Thomas married (MRIN:21947) Mary Caroline WELLS-61612 on 29 May 1896.

Mary Caroline WELLS-61612 was born in May 1876. Mary married (MRIN:21947) Thomas Hillard DEAVER-61609 on 29 May 1896.

Charles Hayes LILLY-61616 was born about 1885. Charles married (MRIN:21948) Cora Estes DEAVER-61615.

Cora Estes DEAVER [Parents]-61615 was born on 14 Sep 1885. She died in Feb 1968. Cora married (MRIN:21948) Charles Hayes LILLY-61616.

William Taylor DEAVER [Parents]-61618 was born on 21 Feb 1889. He died on 26 Nov 1973. William married (MRIN:21949) Velda LeEtta BLAYLOCK-61619 about 1918.

Velda LeEtta BLAYLOCK-61619 was born on 3 Oct 1900. She died on 19 Mar 1978. Velda married (MRIN:21949) William Taylor DEAVER-61618 about 1918.

David BURNETT-61622 was born about 1836. David married (MRIN:21950) Rachel Elizabeth DEAVER-61621.

Rachel Elizabeth DEAVER [Parents]-61621 was born in 1837 in , , North Carolina. Rachel married (MRIN:21950) David BURNETT-61622.

William N. DEAVER [Parents]-61623 was born in 1841 in , Haywood, North Carolina. William married (MRIN:21951) Emily LITCHFIELD-61624.

Emily LITCHFIELD-61624. Emily married (MRIN:21951) William N. DEAVER-61623.

Rufus L. DEAVER [Parents]-61625 was born in 1843 in , Haywood, North Carolina. Rufus married (MRIN:21952) Nancy Catherine HENSON-61626 on 21 Dec 1865.

Nancy Catherine HENSON-61626 was born in Apr 1838 in , , North Carolina. Nancy married (MRIN:21952) Rufus L. DEAVER-61625 on 21 Dec 1865.

They had the following children.

  M i
Joseph E. DEAVER-61627 was born in 1866.
  F ii
Mary I. DEAVER-61629 was born in 1868.
  M iii
Wesley A. DEAVER-61631 was born in 1875.
  F iv
Martha E. DEAVER-61628 was born in 1876.
  F v
Sarah J. DEAVER-61630 was born in 1881 in , , Georgia.

James Calaway DEAVER [Parents]-61632 was born in 1844 in , Haywood, North Carolina. James married (MRIN:21953) Mary Elizabeth HEATHERLY-61683 on 24 Feb 1874.

Mary Elizabeth HEATHERLY-61683 was born on 30 Aug 1857. She died on 31 May 1900. Mary married (MRIN:21953) James Calaway DEAVER-61632 on 24 Feb 1874.

Other marriages:
DEAVER, Vadine Calloway

They had the following children.

  F i Anna DEAVER-61634.
  F ii
Levonia V. DEAVER-61636.
  F iii Emma R. DEAVER-61637 was born in Aug 1876.
  M iv
Van Taylor DEAVER-61639 was born in Oct 1878.
  F v Minnie DEAVER-61640 was born in Aug 1880.
  F vi
Nancy DEAVER-61642 was born in Jul 1882.
  F vii Rachel Lucinda DEAVER-61643 was born in May 1884.
  M viii
John Fryson DEAVER-61645 was born in Apr 1886.
  F ix Adeline "Addie" DEAVER-61646 was born in Aug 1888.
  F x Marietta "Etta" DEAVER-61649 was born in Dec 1890.
  M xi
George Garrett DEAVER-61651 was born in Feb 1892.
  F xii
Clara DEAVER-61652 was born in Jun 1894.
  M xiii Taylor Monroe DEAVER-61653 was born on 20 Mar 1897. He died on 1 Sep 1979.
  M xiv
Wm Lonnie DEAVER-61655 was born in Sep 1898.
  F xv
Mary Ellen DEAVER-61656 was born in May 1900.

HENSON-61635. HENSON married (MRIN:21954) Anna DEAVER-61634.

Anna DEAVER [Parents]-61634. Anna married (MRIN:21954) HENSON-61635.

John B. BURNETT-61638 was born in Feb 1871. John married (MRIN:21955) Emma R. DEAVER-61637 on 29 Apr 1894.

Emma R. DEAVER [Parents]-61637 was born in Aug 1876. Emma married (MRIN:21955) John B. BURNETT-61638 on 29 Apr 1894.

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