Earl Jones Genealogy

James EARNEST-61428. James married (MRIN:21886) Doris Elaine KOPH-61427.

Doris Elaine KOPH [Parents]-61427 was born on 6 Jul 1954. Doris married (MRIN:21886) James EARNEST-61428.

Norval Kirk FARRINGTON [Parents]-61430 was born on 1 Nov 1933 in Ringwood, Major, Oklahoma. He died on 9 Aug 2010 in Jones, Oklahoma, Oklahoma. Norval married (MRIN:21887) Gwenda Lee STEPHENS-57802.

Gwenda Lee STEPHENS [Parents]-57802 was born on 22 May 1937 in Fairview, Major, Oklahoma. She died on 21 Aug 2014 in , Oklahoma, Oklahoma. Gwenda married (MRIN:21887) Norval Kirk FARRINGTON-61430.

They had the following children.

  F i Vickie Elaine FARRINGTON-61432 was born on 2 Mar 1955.
  M ii Bobby Kirk FARRINGTON-61431 was born on 23 Jun 1957.

Roger Warren STEPHENS "I" [Parents]-57805 was born on 17 Aug 1944. Roger married (MRIN:21888) Claretta FORTUNE-61433.

Claretta FORTUNE [Parents]-61433. Claretta married (MRIN:21888) Roger Warren STEPHENS "I"-57805.

They had the following children.

  M i Roger "Duce" Warren STEPHENS "II-61436.
  M ii
Tommy STEPHENS-61437.
  F iii Vanessa Marie STEPHENS-61438 was born on 18 Oct 1961.
  F iv Denise Dione STEPHENS-61439 was born on 30 May 1963.

Harry Edward FORTUNE-61434 was born about 1903 in Indian Territory, , Oklahoma. Harry married (MRIN:21889) Mable WARNER-61435.

Mable WARNER-61435 was born about 1907 in Indian Territory, , Oklahoma. Mable married (MRIN:21889) Harry Edward FORTUNE-61434.

They had the following children.

  F i Claretta FORTUNE-61433.

Vernon Coy STEPHENS [Parents]-57806 was born on 12 Aug 1946 in , , Oklahoma. He died on 28 Nov 1985 in , , Oklahoma. Vernon married (MRIN:21890) Nancy WILLIAMS-61440.

Nancy WILLIAMS [Parents]-61440. Nancy married (MRIN:21890) Vernon Coy STEPHENS-57806.

They had the following children.

  F i
Karla Yvonne STEPHENS-61443.
  F ii
Stephanie STEPHENS-61444.

Jerry WILLIAMS-61441. Jerry married (MRIN:21891) Nancy WOMACK-61442.

Nancy WOMACK-61442. Nancy married (MRIN:21891) Jerry WILLIAMS-61441.

They had the following children.

  F i Nancy WILLIAMS-61440.

Larry Max STEPHENS [Parents]-57807 was born on 30 May 1949 in , , Oklahoms. Larry married (MRIN:21892) Ruth PARKHURST-61445.

Ruth PARKHURST [Parents]-61445 was born about 1950. Ruth married (MRIN:21892) Larry Max STEPHENS-57807.

They had the following children.

  F i
Christina Ann STEPHENS-61448 was born on 20 Jan 1968. She died on 20 Jan 1968.
  F ii Laura Joan STEPHENS-61449 was born on 23 Mar 1969.
  F iii Stephanie Sue STEPHENS-61450 was born on 8 Jun 1971.
  F iv Ann Marie STEPHENS-61451 was born on 9 May 1975.

Jim PARKHURST-61446 was born about 1925. Jim married (MRIN:21893) Jean-61447.

Jean-61447 was born about 1930. Jean married (MRIN:21893) Jim PARKHURST-61446.

They had the following children.

  F i Ruth PARKHURST-61445 was born about 1950.

Donald Eugene HARRELL [Parents]-57815 was born on 23 Apr 1936. He was buried in Forrest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Shelby, Indiana. Donald married (MRIN:21894) Billie Jean RANKIN-166130.

Billie Jean RANKIN-166130. Billie married (MRIN:21894) Donald Eugene HARRELL-57815.

They had the following children.

  M i
Tommy Joe HARRELL-61452 was born on 4 Sep 1858 in , Hartley, Texas.
  M ii
Jerry Joe HARRELL-61453 was born on 4 Sep 1958 in , Hartley, Texas.
  F iii
Caroline Yvonne HARRELL-61454 was born on 14 Sep 1960 in , Hartley, Texas.
  F iv
Janet HARRELL-61455.

FINCHER-61456. FINCHER married (MRIN:21895) Barbara Jean LEE-57828.

Barbara Jean LEE [Parents]-57828 was born on 19 Feb 1946 in , , Oklahoma. Barbara married (MRIN:21895) FINCHER-61456.

Other marriages:

They had the following children.

  M i
Micheal David FINCHER-61457 was born on 27 Sep 1963 in , , California.

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