Earl Jones Genealogy

Emory Oliver DOWDY-60901 was born on 14 Sep 1928. He died on 11 Jan 2012. Emory married (MRIN:21665) Betty Jane CLINGENPEEL-36368 on 25 Aug 1951 in , Roanoke, Virginia.

Betty Jane CLINGENPEEL [Parents]-36368 was born about 1930. Betty married (MRIN:21665) Emory Oliver DOWDY-60901 on 25 Aug 1951 in , Roanoke, Virginia.

Norvin Clyde BOONE "Jr"-60902 was born in 1932. Norvin married (MRIN:21666) Ruby Joann CLINGENPEEL-36369 on 15 Mar 1955 in , Roanoke, Virginia.

Ruby Joann CLINGENPEEL [Parents]-36369 was born on 3 Sep 1934 in , Roanoke, Virginia. Ruby married (MRIN:21666) Norvin Clyde BOONE "Jr"-60902 on 15 Mar 1955 in , Roanoke, Virginia.

Keith M. TAYLOR-60903. Keith married (MRIN:21667) Jennifer LYLE-36394.

Jennifer LYLE [Parents]-36394. Jennifer married (MRIN:21667) Keith M. TAYLOR-60903.

Forrest R. CLINGENPEEL [Parents]-36356 was born in 1910 in , Franklin, Virginia. He died on 25 Jul 1988 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland. Forrest married (MRIN:21668) Minnie-60904.

Minnie-60904. Minnie married (MRIN:21668) Forrest R. CLINGENPEEL-36356.

Thomas R. MONTGOMERY-60905. Thomas married (MRIN:21669) Mary Elizabeth CLINGENPEEL-36408.

Mary Elizabeth CLINGENPEEL [Parents]-36408 was born in , , Virginia. Mary married (MRIN:21669) Thomas R. MONTGOMERY-60905.

Other marriages:
BARTON, Clarence William

Elwood Burrus MORRIS-60906. Elwood married (MRIN:21670) Meredith Ann CLINGENPEEL-36409.

Meredith Ann CLINGENPEEL [Parents]-36409. Meredith married (MRIN:21670) Elwood Burrus MORRIS-60906.

Other marriages:
REEDER, Robert C.

Roy Lee CLINGENPEEL [Parents]-36423 was born in 1907 in , Franklin, Virginia. Roy married (MRIN:21671) Ocie Arbealia QUISENBERRY-60907.

Other marriages:

Ocie Arbealia QUISENBERRY-60907. Ocie married (MRIN:21671) Roy Lee CLINGENPEEL-36423.

Paul Gilbet MINER-60908. Paul married (MRIN:21672) Pauline R. CLINGENPEEL-36424 in Home of Rev. Quay Corn, Henderson, North Carolina.

Pauline R. CLINGENPEEL [Parents]-36424 was born in 1906. She died in 1970. Pauline married (MRIN:21672) Paul Gilbet MINER-60908 in Home of Rev. Quay Corn, Henderson, North Carolina.

They had the following children.


James Calvin CLINGENPEEL [Parents]-36463 was born on 10 Nov 1842 in , , Virginia. James married (MRIN:21673) Julie Ann HURST-60909 on 11 Jul 1980 in , Roanoke, Virginia.

Other marriages:
BIVENS, Linda Jean
BOWER, Nancy Darlene

Julie Ann HURST-60909 was born on 31 Jul 1952. Julie married (MRIN:21673) James Calvin CLINGENPEEL-36463 on 11 Jul 1980 in , Roanoke, Virginia.

[Marriage Notes]

Ronnie Lee JANNEY-60910. Ronnie married (MRIN:21674) Doris Ann CLINGENPEEL-36465.

Doris Ann CLINGENPEEL [Parents]-36465 was born on 26 May 1949 in , Franklin, Virginia. Doris married (MRIN:21674) Ronnie Lee JANNEY-60910.

Other marriages:
GUILLIAMS, James Marlin

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