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Paul Frederick EDDY. Paul married Virginia Lynn FLORA.

Virginia Lynn FLORA [Parents] was born about 1953 in , Roanoke, Virginia. Virginia married Paul Frederick EDDY.

Ralph Raymond CLINGENPEEL [Parents] was born on 23 Sep 1909 in , Franklin, Virginia. He died on 26 Apr 1998 in Roanoke, Roanoke, Virginia. He was buried in Roanoke, Roanoke, Virginia. Ralph married Thelma Irene BROOKS on 12 Jun 1976.

Other marriages:
HOLT, Ludie

Thelma Irene BROOKS was born on 21 Feb 1914 in , Franklin, Virginia. She died on 12 Nov 1998 in , Roanoke, Virginia. Thelma married Ralph Raymond CLINGENPEEL on 12 Jun 1976.

David KENNEDY. David married Jennifer Christine MC CALL.

Jennifer Christine MC CALL [Parents]. Jennifer married David KENNEDY.

Jesse Thomas KING. Jesse married Faye Christine MILLIRON.

Faye Christine MILLIRON [Parents]. Faye married Jesse Thomas KING.

Other marriages:
RALSTON, Bruce Edward

Jason Randall LOWE. Jason married Angela Faye RALSTON.

Angela Faye RALSTON [Parents]. Angela married Jason Randall LOWE.

Michael David BRUBAKER [Parents] was born about 1955 in , Roanoke, Virginia. Michael married Diane ALTICE.

Other marriages:
HYLTON, Debbie

Diane ALTICE. Diane married Michael David BRUBAKER.

Michael David BRUBAKER [Parents] was born about 1955 in , Roanoke, Virginia. Michael married Debbie HYLTON.

Other marriages:

Debbie HYLTON. Debbie married Michael David BRUBAKER.

They had the following children.

  F i
  M ii
Ryan David BRUBAKER.

Jeffrey Lee BRUBAKER [Parents] was born on 11 Oct 1958 in , Roanoke, Virginia. Jeffrey married Robyn Lorraine BOWLES.

Other marriages:
HARLOW, Sandra Jean "Sandy"

Robyn Lorraine BOWLES. Robyn married Jeffrey Lee BRUBAKER.

Owen Eugene NEWCOMER [Parents]. Owen married Kristina Jean WEIS.

Kristina Jean WEIS. Kristina married Owen Eugene NEWCOMER.

Christopher Warren DEAN. Christopher married Alison Ann PARAKH.

Alison Ann PARAKH [Parents]. Alison married Christopher Warren DEAN.

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