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Earl Jones Genealogy

John Edward CHRISTENSEN [Parents]-35180. John married (MRIN:21425) Betty-60438.

Other marriages:
, Mary Jane

Betty-60438. Betty married (MRIN:21425) John Edward CHRISTENSEN-35180.

Joseph Emanuel CLINGENPEEL [Parents]-35145 was born on 7 Jul 1861 in Burlington Twp, Carroll, Indiana. He died on 20 May 1938 in , Carroll, Indiana. Joseph married (MRIN:21426) Laura MOORE-60439.

Other marriages:
CRUMET, Elizabeth
CRUME, Nancy T.

Laura MOORE-60439 was born about 1866. Laura married (MRIN:21426) Joseph Emanuel CLINGENPEEL-35145.

Christian John BEU-60440 was born on 19 Feb 1855 in Pommern, Cochem-Zell, Pheinland-Platz, Germany. He died on 17 Apr 1929 in Moline, Elk, Kansas. Christian married (MRIN:21427) Mary Alice CLINGENPEEL-35222.

Mary Alice CLINGENPEEL [Parents]-35222 was born on 8 Jul 1861 in , , Indiana. She died on 12 Mar 1886 in Moline, Elk, Kansas. Mary was sealed to her parents on 14 May 2013 in the Salt Lake Utah temple. She was baptized on 21 Nov 2012 in the Jordan River Utah temple. She was endowed on 6 Feb 2013 in the Jordan River Utah temple. Mary married (MRIN:21427) Christian John BEU-60440.

They had the following children.

  M i
Fred John BEU-297784 was born on 12 Feb 1882 in Moline, Elk, Kansas. He died on 29 May 1959 in Bristow, Creek, Oklahoma.
  F ii Rosa Mae BEU-102070 was born on 5 Sep 1883. She died on 29 Apr 1915.
  F iii Elizabeth Jane BEU-297785 was born on 31 Dec 1885. She died on 6 Jan 1962.

Elmer Jesse MORGAN-60441. Elmer married (MRIN:21428) Marianne SHEPHERD-35253.

Marianne SHEPHERD [Parents]-35253. Marianne married (MRIN:21428) Elmer Jesse MORGAN-60441.

Larry Carl BITTMAN-60442. Larry married (MRIN:21429) Judith Elaine SHEPHERD-35254.

Judith Elaine SHEPHERD [Parents]-35254. Judith married (MRIN:21429) Larry Carl BITTMAN-60442.

David James SHEPHERD "Jr" [Parents]-35255. David married (MRIN:21430) Cynthia Jane MC CLURE-60443.

Cynthia Jane MC CLURE-60443. Cynthia married (MRIN:21430) David James SHEPHERD "Jr"-35255.

Stephen Wayne PICKLE-60444. Stephen married (MRIN:21431) Trisha Abbey TALLEY-35263.

Trisha Abbey TALLEY [Parents]-35263. Trisha married (MRIN:21431) Stephen Wayne PICKLE-60444.

Jay Elvis FIMPLE-60445. Jay married (MRIN:21432) Jan ELLIOTT-35266.

Jan ELLIOTT [Parents]-35266. Jan married (MRIN:21432) Jay Elvis FIMPLE-60445.

Jim WEEKS-60446. Jim married (MRIN:21433) Morayne CLINGENPEEL-35249.

Morayne CLINGENPEEL [Parents]-35249 was born about 1922. Morayne married (MRIN:21433) Jim WEEKS-60446.

Other marriages:
DAVIS, Raymond Edward

Christopher Hugh OSBORNE-60447. Christopher married (MRIN:21434) Paula Deanne GREEN-35278.

Paula Deanne GREEN [Parents]-35278. Paula married (MRIN:21434) Christopher Hugh OSBORNE-60447.

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