Earl Jones Genealogy

James Bonaparte ALLEY [Parents]-23803 was born in 1834 in Butler Twp, Franklin, Indiana. He died in 1926 in Mercer, Mercer, Missouri. James married (MRIN:21244) Martha ALLEY-17108 in 1861 in , , Virginia.

Martha ALLEY [Parents]-17108 was born on 17 Oct 1842 in Marion, Mercer, Missouri. She died on 16 Dec 1932 in , , Missouri. Martha married (MRIN:21244) James Bonaparte ALLEY-23803 in 1861 in , , Virginia.

They had the following children.

  F i Rosetta ALLEY-162704 was born on 8 Sep 1862. She died on 18 Oct 1949.
  M ii
Ephriam ALLEY-162705 was born in 1866 in , , Indiana.
  F iii
Lilly ALLEY-162708 was born in 1868 in , , Indiana.
  F iv
Olive "Ollie" ALLEY-162706 was born in 1869 in , , Indiana.
  M v
Allen ALLEY-162707 was born in 1871 in , , Indiana.

Robert Louis "Bob" BUNGER-60153 was born on 16 Feb 1930 in , Darke, Ohio. He died on 9 Apr 1996 in Greenville, Darke, Ohio. Robert married (MRIN:21245) Carol Ann CLINGENPEEL-33967 on 9 Jun 1954 in Covington, Miami, Ohio.

Carol Ann CLINGENPEEL [Parents]-33967 was born on 10 Nov 1934 in Richmond, Wayne, Indiana. She died on 17 Jul 2001 in Greenville, Darke, Ohio. Carol married (MRIN:21245) Robert Louis "Bob" BUNGER-60153 on 9 Jun 1954 in Covington, Miami, Ohio.

Frederick Laverle CLINGENPEEL "Jr" [Parents]-33968 was born on 22 Mar 1936 in Richmond, Wayne, Indiana. He died on 4 Sep 1997 in Shallotte, Brunswick, North Carolina from Malignant Neoplasm of Liver & Intrahepaticd Bile Ducts. He was buried in Leland, Leland, North Carolina. Frederick married (MRIN:21246) Martha Anne BENTON-60154 on 14 Feb 1959 in New Hanover, North Carolina.


Martha Anne BENTON-60154 was born about 1937. Martha married (MRIN:21246) Frederick Laverle CLINGENPEEL "Jr"-33968 on 14 Feb 1959 in New Hanover, North Carolina.

Bruce William ARTHUR [Parents]-33991. Bruce married (MRIN:21247) Pamela B. CLEVENGER-60155.

Pamela B. CLEVENGER-60155. Pamela married (MRIN:21247) Bruce William ARTHUR-33991.

Steve Thomas ARTHUR [Parents]-33992. Steve married (MRIN:21248) Deborah A. UNNE-60156.

Deborah A. UNNE-60156. Deborah married (MRIN:21248) Steve Thomas ARTHUR-33992.

Gregory Clement ALEXANDER [Parents]-33994. Gregory married (MRIN:21249) Tammy-60157.

Tammy-60157. Tammy married (MRIN:21249) Gregory Clement ALEXANDER-33994.

Norman Glen STEVERSON [Parents]-34033. Norman married (MRIN:21250) Jean Ernestine BECKMAN-60158.

Jean Ernestine BECKMAN-60158. Jean married (MRIN:21250) Norman Glen STEVERSON-34033.

Fred WOOD-60159. Fred married (MRIN:21251) Mary Beth CLYNGENPEEL-34041.

Mary Beth CLYNGENPEEL [Parents]-34041. Mary married (MRIN:21251) Fred WOOD-60159.

Roger Donald HANSON [Parents]-34066. Roger married (MRIN:21252) Carol Ann BOSTON-60160.

Carol Ann BOSTON-60160. Carol married (MRIN:21252) Roger Donald HANSON-34066.

Gerald SCOTT-60161. Gerald married (MRIN:21253) Mary Ann HANSON-34088.

Mary Ann HANSON [Parents]-34088. Mary married (MRIN:21253) Gerald SCOTT-60161.

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