Earl Jones Genealogy

John CAPPAGE-57768. John married (MRIN:20404) Carlos Clio LEE-57767 on 4 Oct 1941.

Carlos Clio LEE [Parents]-57767 was born on 25 Feb 1926 in Monterey, Putnam, Tennessee. Carlos married (MRIN:20404) John CAPPAGE-57768 on 4 Oct 1941.

Wayne MACKEY-57770. Wayne married (MRIN:20405) Cleda Yvonda LEE-57769 on 9 Aug 1946.

Cleda Yvonda LEE [Parents]-57769 was born on 26 Apr 1928 in Monterey, Putnam, Tennessee. Cleda married (MRIN:20405) Wayne MACKEY-57770 on 9 Aug 1946.

-57774. married (MRIN:20406) Billie Grace LEE-57773.

Billie Grace LEE [Parents]-57773 was born on 6 Apr 1935 in Bridgeport, Caddo, Oklahoma. Billie was married (MRIN:20406).

Cleman Fred LEE [Parents]-57775 was born on 26 May 1937 in Bridgeport, Caddo, Oklahoma. Cleman married (MRIN:20407) Lynn-57776.

Lynn-57776. Lynn married (MRIN:20407) Cleman Fred LEE-57775.

Larry LEE [Parents]-57778 was born on 31 Dec 1945 in Geary, Blaine, Oklahoma. Larry married (MRIN:20408) Sharon SISSON-57781.

Sharon SISSON-57781. Sharon married (MRIN:20408) Larry LEE-57778.

Marvin STEWART-57780. Marvin married (MRIN:20409) Ella Ruth LEE-57779.

Ella Ruth LEE [Parents]-57779 was born on 21 Jan 1943 in Geary, Blaine, Oklahoma. Ella married (MRIN:20409) Marvin STEWART-57780.

Guy Ragnal LANCASTOR [Parents]-57782 was born on 22 Jan 1904 in Meeker, Lincoln, Oklahma. He died on 14 Feb 1989 in Tulare, Tulare, California. Guy married (MRIN:20410) Sarah Arminta "Arminty" LEE-56355 on 23 Jun 1923 in , , Oklahoma.

Sarah Arminta "Arminty" LEE [Parents]-56355 was born on 29 Oct 1908 in , , Tennessee. She died on 1 Oct 1989 in Tulare, Tulare, California. She was buried on 4 Oct 1989 in , , California. Sarah married (MRIN:20410) Guy Ragnal LANCASTOR-57782 on 23 Jun 1923 in , , Oklahoma.

They had the following children.

  M i
Richard LANCASTOR-57784 was born about 1924 in , , Oklahoma.
  F ii Ozella E. LANCASTOR-57785 was born on 20 Mar 1927. She died on 1 Jun 2012.
  F iii Wanda LANCASTOR-57786 was born about Oct 1929.
  F iv Zola LANCASTOR-57789 was born about 1931.
  M v Jessie Guy LANCASTOR-57791 was born on 14 Aug 1933. He died on 23 Oct 1997.
  M vi
Kenneth LANCASTOR-57793 was born about 1935 in Chandler, Lincoln, Oklahoma.
  M vii
Johnny James LANCASTOR-57794 was born on 30 Dec 1937. He died on 13 Oct 2007. He was buried in Tulare Cemetery, Tulare, Tulare, California.
  F viii
Mary LANCASTOR-57788 was born on 25 Apr 1939.
  M ix
Henry Floyd LANCASTOR-57792 was born on 2 Nov 1943 in Chandler, Lincoln, Oklahoma. He died on 3 Oct 1985 in Tulare, Tulare, California. He was buried in Tulare Cemetery, Tulare, Tulare, California.

Jesse Tenon "Jay" LANCASTOR-57783 was born on 5 Dec 1870 in , , Arkansas. He died on 15 Aug 1933 in , Lincoln, Oklahoma. Jesse married (MRIN:20411) Polly Ann FLYNN-333297 on 8 Jul 1883 in , , Arkansas.

Polly Ann FLYNN-333297 was born about 1874 in , , Kentucky. She died on 26 Feb 1931 in Estill, Kentucky. Polly married (MRIN:20411) Jesse Tenon "Jay" LANCASTOR-57783 on 8 Jul 1883 in , , Arkansas.

They had the following children.

  M i Guy Ragnal LANCASTOR-57782 was born on 22 Jan 1904. He died on 14 Feb 1989.

John MIXON-57787. John married (MRIN:20412) Wanda LANCASTOR-57786.

Wanda LANCASTOR [Parents]-57786 was born about Oct 1929 in , , Oklahoma. Wanda married (MRIN:20412) John MIXON-57787.

David PRESLEY-57790 was born about 1928. David married (MRIN:20413) Zola LANCASTOR-57789.

Zola LANCASTOR [Parents]-57789 was born about 1931 in , , Oklahoma. Zola married (MRIN:20413) David PRESLEY-57790.

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