Earl Jones Genealogy

Andrew B. CADDELL-54911. Andrew married (MRIN:19487) Susan SPARKS-54910 on 17 Jan 1847.

Susan SPARKS [Parents]-54910 was born in 1830 in , , North Carolina. Susan married (MRIN:19487) Andrew B. CADDELL-54911 on 17 Jan 1847.

Jesse Wadlington SPARKS [Parents]-54912 was born on 1 Jan 1837. He died on 1 Aug 1896 in Mexico. Jesse married (MRIN:19488) Josephine BIVINS-54913 on 18 Apr 1865.


Josephine BIVINS-54913. Josephine married (MRIN:19488) Jesse Wadlington SPARKS-54912 on 18 Apr 1865.

ADAMS-88062. ADAMS married (MRIN:19489) Polly MUNTZ-88056.

Polly MUNTZ [Parents]-88056. Polly married (MRIN:19489) ADAMS-88062.

They had the following children.

  M i
Elias ADAMS-88063.

William Noble SPARKS [Parents]-54915 was born in 1838 in , Nacogdoches, Texas. William married (MRIN:19490) Marth Elizabeth CADDELL-54916 on 18 Dec 1856.

Marth Elizabeth CADDELL-54916. Marth married (MRIN:19490) William Noble SPARKS-54915 on 18 Dec 1856.

Mas PALERMO-54917. Mas married (MRIN:19491) Kelly WILLIS-50873.

Kelly WILLIS [Parents] [scrapbook]-50873 was born on 1 Oct 1968 in Lawton, Comanche, Oklahoma. Kelly married (MRIN:19491) Mas PALERMO-54917.

Other marriages:


James JONES "I"-54920 died about 1792 in , Frederick, Virginia. James married (MRIN:19492) Barbara Barbary-54918.


Barbara Barbary-54918. Barbara married (MRIN:19492) James JONES "I"-54920.

They had the following children.

  F i
Mary JONES-54921.
  F ii
Rachel JONES-54922.
  M iii
Joseph JONES-54919 was born in 1751.
  M iv James JONES "II"-54615 was born about 1755. He died before 1820.

John JONES [Parents]-54923 was born in 1778. John married (MRIN:19493) Sarah-54924.

Other marriages:
, Elizabeth


Sarah-54924. Sarah married (MRIN:19493) John JONES-54923.

They had the following children.

  M i Joshua JONES-54936 was born in 1806.

John JONES [Parents]-54923 was born in 1778. John married (MRIN:19494) Elizabeth-54925.

Other marriages:
, Sarah


Elizabeth-54925. Elizabeth married (MRIN:19494) John JONES-54923.

Other marriages:

Jesse GOODWIN-54926. Jesse married (MRIN:19495) Elizabeth-54925 in 1825/1833 in , Franklin, Tennessee.

Elizabeth-54925. Elizabeth married (MRIN:19495) Jesse GOODWIN-54926 in 1825/1833 in , Franklin, Tennessee.

Other marriages:

William BARTON-54929. William married (MRIN:19496) JONES-54928.

JONES [Parents]-54928 was born in 1782. JONES married (MRIN:19496) William BARTON-54929.

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