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Earl Jones Genealogy

Elbert Bob "Ebb" KUYKENDALL [Parents]-50814 was born in 1858 in , , Mississippi. He died on 4 Apr 1925. He was buried in Spring Creek Cemetery, Spring Creek, Texas. Elbert was sealed to his parents on 7 Sep 2007 in the Mount Timpanogos Utah temple. He was baptized on 22 Sep 2006 in the Mount Timpanogos Utah temple. He was endowed on 31 Jul 2007 in the Mount Timpanogos Utah temple. Elbert married (MRIN:18027) Fannie-50815. They were sealed on 18 Nov 1992 in the Idaho Falls Idaho temple.

Fannie-50815 was born in 1862 in , , Mississippi. Fannie married (MRIN:18027) Elbert Bob "Ebb" KUYKENDALL-50814. They were sealed on 18 Nov 1992 in the Idaho Falls Idaho temple.

John WALDROP-50819. John married (MRIN:18028) Tabitha PARRISH-50820 in 1764/1767 in , Granville, North Carolina.

Tabitha PARRISH-50820. Tabitha married (MRIN:18028) John WALDROP-50819 in 1764/1767 in , Granville, North Carolina.

They had the following children.

  M i Ezekiel WALDROP-31926 was born in 1748. He died in 1823.

Simon KUYKENDALL [Parents]-42327 was born on 2 Feb 1822 in , Franklin, Tennessee. He died on 10 May 1902 in Dublin, Erath, Texas. He was buried in Barbee Cemetery, Dublin, Erath, Texas. Simon married (MRIN:18029) Sarah-50822.


Sarah-50822. Sarah married (MRIN:18029) Simon KUYKENDALL-42327.

Lewis Franklin YOUNG "Sr"-50825 was born on 15 Aug 1886 in , , Missouri. He died on 18 Aug 1962 in Sulphur, Murray, Oklahoma. Lewis married (MRIN:18030) Josephine KUYKENDALL-50824 in 1906/1907.


Josephine KUYKENDALL [Parents]-50824 was born on 18 Aug 1890. She died on 16 Sep 1969 in Sulphur, Murray, Oklahoma. Josephine married (MRIN:18030) Lewis Franklin YOUNG "Sr"-50825 in 1906/1907.

They had the following children.

  F i
Virgie Mae YOUNG-50826 was born in Nov 1908 in Dill City, Washita, Oklahoma.
  M ii
John "Jake" David YOUNG-50833.
  M iii William Edgar "Bill" YOUNG-50834 was born on 2 Sep 1917. He died on 17 Dec 1970.
  F iv
Bonnie Faye YOUNG-50835.
  M v
Lewis Franklin YOUNG "Jr"-50836.
  M vi
Joel "Joe" YOUNG-50837.

Charles Homer WOOD-50832. Charles married (MRIN:18031) Julia Katherine KUYKENDALL-50823 in 1900 in , , Texas.


Julia Katherine KUYKENDALL [Parents]-50823 was born on 7 Jan 1881 in , Cullman, Alabama. Julia married (MRIN:18031) Charles Homer WOOD-50832 in 1900 in , , Texas.


They had the following children.

  F ix Ruby Oleta WOOD-50866 died on 6 Aug 2000.
  F x
Ina Nell WOOD-50867.

William Edgar "Bill" YOUNG [Parents]-50834 was born on 2 Sep 1917 in Caddo Mills, Hunt, Texas. He died on 17 Dec 1970.

He had the following children.

  F i Carol YOUNG-50838.

MORRIS-50839. MORRIS married (MRIN:18033) Carol YOUNG-50838.

Carol YOUNG [Parents]-50838. Carol married (MRIN:18033) MORRIS-50839.

MITCHELL-123605. MITCHELL married (MRIN:18034) Deanna BYERS-100632.

Deanna BYERS [Parents]-100632. Deanna married (MRIN:18034) MITCHELL-123605.

Velton Ray KUYKENDALL [Parents]-50209 was born on 19 May 1913 in Stigler, Haskell, Oklahoma. He died on 19 Nov 1981 in Fort Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas from Als Complications. He was buried in McVay Cemetery, Paris, Logan, Arkansas. Velton married (MRIN:18035) Gladys Marie SEWELL-50842 on 20 Jan 1934.


Gladys Marie SEWELL-50842 was born on 14 Nov 1916 in Paris, Logan, Arkansas. She died on 20 Jan 1984. Gladys married (MRIN:18035) Velton Ray KUYKENDALL-50209 on 20 Jan 1934.

They had the following children.

  M i
Johnny Lee KUYKENDALL-51916 was born on 1 Mar 1936.
  F ii
Patsy Janette KUYKENDALL-51917 was born on 14 Mar 1938 in , , Arkansas. She died on 8 Apr 1987 in Paris, Logan, Arkansas from Car Accident.
  M iii Billy Ray KUYKENDALL-50210 was born on 20 Oct 1941. He died on 13 May 1997 from Als Complications.
  M iv
Bobby Boyd KUYKENDALL-51919 was born on 27 Feb 1948 in Ozark, Franklin, Arkansas. He died on 11 May 2001 in Weatherford, Custer, Oklahoma.
  M v
Velton Wayne KUYKENDALL-51920 was born on 29 Nov 1949.
  M vi
George Dale KUYKENDALL-51921 was born on 8 Jan 1953.
  M vii
James Don KUYKENDALL-51922 was born on 4 Jan 1955.
  M viii
Larry Nunan KUYKENDALL-51923 was born on 27 Jun 1956.

James Arter MOORE-50843. James married (MRIN:18036) Frances "Fannie" Caroline WATERS-50844.

Frances "Fannie" Caroline WATERS-50844. Frances married (MRIN:18036) James Arter MOORE-50843.

They had the following children.

  F i Harriet Elizabeth "Hattie" MOORE-49328 was born in Feb 1874.
  M ii
Thomas Robinson MOORE-50856.

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