Earl Jones Genealogy

Donald Eugene MAC LEAN [Parents]-43619 was born on 28 Feb 1919. He died on 20 Feb 1991. Donald married (MRIN:15498) Iva Dell HOLSHOE-43620 on 28 Dec 1942.

Iva Dell HOLSHOE-43620. Iva married (MRIN:15498) Donald Eugene MAC LEAN-43619 on 28 Dec 1942.

They had the following children.

  M i Donald Richard MAC LEAN-43625.
  M ii
Dale Arthur MAC LEAN-43628.
  M iii
Douglas H. MAC LEAN-43629.

Fay Albert LIMRON-43622 was born about 1920. Fay married (MRIN:15499) Margurette Imogene MAC LEAN-43621 on 3 Aug 1941.

Margurette Imogene MAC LEAN [Parents]-43621 was born about 1921. Margurette married (MRIN:15499) Fay Albert LIMRON-43622 on 3 Aug 1941.

They had the following children.

  F i Linda Lee LIMRON-43630.
  F ii Diane Marie LIMRON-43634.
  F iii Betty Jean LIMRON-43637.
  F iv Judy Kay LIMRON-43640.

Donald Richard MAC LEAN [Parents]-43625. Donald married (MRIN:15500) Rebecca CALLAWAY-43626 on 1 May 1969.

Rebecca CALLAWAY-43626. Rebecca married (MRIN:15500) Donald Richard MAC LEAN-43625 on 1 May 1969.

They had the following children.

  M i
Jason Scott MAC LEAN-43627.

James FELTON-43631. James married (MRIN:15501) Linda Lee LIMRON-43630 on 8 Nov 1967.

Linda Lee LIMRON [Parents]-43630. Linda married (MRIN:15501) James FELTON-43631 on 8 Nov 1967.

They had the following children.

  M i
Mark James FELTON-43632.
  F ii
Machelle Lynn FELTON-43633.

May LUTZ-43635. May married (MRIN:15502) Diane Marie LIMRON-43634 on 14 Feb 1970.

Diane Marie LIMRON [Parents]-43634. Diane married (MRIN:15502) May LUTZ-43635 on 14 Feb 1970.

They had the following children.

  M i
Gregory Paul LUTZ-43636.

Richard Lee AUSTIN-43638. Richard married (MRIN:15503) Betty Jean LIMRON-43637 on 2 Aug 1969.

Betty Jean LIMRON [Parents]-43637. Betty married (MRIN:15503) Richard Lee AUSTIN-43638 on 2 Aug 1969.

They had the following children.

  F i
Jennifer Marie AUSTIN-43639.

Steve TRAVIS-43641. Steve married (MRIN:15504) Judy Kay LIMRON-43640.

Judy Kay LIMRON [Parents]-43640. Judy married (MRIN:15504) Steve TRAVIS-43641.

Harold Edwin ARNOLD [Parents]-43642 was born on 22 Jul 1911 in Missaukee, Michigan. Harold married (MRIN:15505) Myrtle Belle INGERSOLL-43643 on 25 Nov 1931.

Myrtle Belle INGERSOLL-43643 was born on 15 Oct 1912. She died on 13 Apr 1998 in , , Michigan. Myrtle married (MRIN:15505) Harold Edwin ARNOLD-43642 on 25 Nov 1931.

They had the following children.

  F i Marilyn Rae ARNOLD-43650.
  M ii
L. Duane ARNOLD-43652.
  M iii
A. Wayne ARNOLD-43653.

Rollin REEDER-43645. Rollin married (MRIN:15506) Dorothy Pearl ARNOLD-43644 on 17 Jun 1933.

Dorothy Pearl ARNOLD [Parents]-43644 was born on 17 Jun 1914. She died in Feb 1989 in Okemos, Ingham, Michigan. Dorothy married (MRIN:15506) Rollin REEDER-43645 on 17 Jun 1933.

They had the following children.

  M i Wilbert A. REEDER-43658.
  M ii Rollin Kenneth REEDER-43660.
  M iii Larry Lee REEDER-43662.

Russell Clifford ARNOLD [Parents]-43646. Russell married (MRIN:15507) Blanche E. MC KINLEY-43647 on 14 Jun 1941.

Blanche E. MC KINLEY-43647. Blanche married (MRIN:15507) Russell Clifford ARNOLD-43646 on 14 Jun 1941.

They had the following children.

  F i Janice Kay ARNOLD-43675.
  F ii Susan Jane ARNOLD-43679.

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