Earl Jones Genealogy

Earl REYNOLDS-60133. Earl married (MRIN:14948) Cora L. T. GRAHAM-36640.

Cora L. T. GRAHAM [Parents]-36640 was born in Mar 1888. She died before 1964. Cora married (MRIN:14948) Earl REYNOLDS-60133.

Roy WATKINS-42113. Roy married (MRIN:14949) Geraldine TAYLOR-42112.

Geraldine TAYLOR [Parents]-42112 was born on 26 Jan 1934. Geraldine married (MRIN:14949) Roy WATKINS-42113.

Charles RAMSEY-42117 was born about 1939 in , , Alabama. Charles married (MRIN:14950) Sadie Mae TAYLOR-42116.

Sadie Mae TAYLOR [Parents]-42116 was born on 7 Sep 1942 in , , Alabama. Sadie married (MRIN:14950) Charles RAMSEY-42117.

Charles KORNEGAY-42119. Charles married (MRIN:14951) Lula TAYLOR-42118.

Lula TAYLOR [Parents]-42118 was born on 25 Sep 1943. Lula married (MRIN:14951) Charles KORNEGAY-42119.

Ray MC GARITY-42121. Ray married (MRIN:14952) Alma TAYLOR-42120.

Alma TAYLOR [Parents]-42120 was born on 4 Nov 1944. Alma married (MRIN:14952) Ray MC GARITY-42121.

Rodney HERITAGE-42123. Rodney married (MRIN:14953) Mattie Jo TAYLOR-42122.

Mattie Jo TAYLOR [Parents]-42122 was born on 9 Oct 1945. Mattie married (MRIN:14953) Rodney HERITAGE-42123.

John Monroe BATTLE-42127 was born on 22 Sep 1914. John married (MRIN:14954) Sarah Frances HOLLOWAY-42097 on 2 Oct 1935.

Sarah Frances HOLLOWAY [Parents]-42097 was born on 7 Aug 1918 in Cowden, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Sarah married (MRIN:14954) John Monroe BATTLE-42127 on 2 Oct 1935.


They had the following children.

  M i
John Searcy BATTLE-42128 was born on 27 Jun 1943.

James Eldridge HOLLOWAY [Parents]-42100 was born on 18 Aug 1921 in Cowden, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. James married (MRIN:14955) Clytie ROGERS-42129 on 16 Feb 1946.


Clytie ROGERS [Parents]-42129 was born on 15 Dec 1928 in Marconville, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Clytie married (MRIN:14955) James Eldridge HOLLOWAY-42100 on 16 Feb 1946.


They had the following children.

  M i
Larry William HOLLOWAY-42132 was born on 10 Apr 1947.

William ROGERS-42130. William married (MRIN:14956) Mary BEARD-42131.

Mary BEARD-42131. Mary married (MRIN:14956) William ROGERS-42130.

They had the following children.

  F i Clytie ROGERS-42129 was born on 15 Dec 1928.

Raymond Brownlow MC MINN [Parents]-33906 was born on 10 Dec 1910 in Hendersonville, Henderson, North Carolina. He died on 29 Jul 1972 in Little Rock, Paluski, Arkansas. Raymond married (MRIN:14957) Bernice Jean SHAW-42139.


Bernice Jean SHAW-42139 was born on 27 May 1916 in , Saline, Arkansas. She died on 21 Mar 2008 in Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas. Bernice married (MRIN:14957) Raymond Brownlow MC MINN-33906.


They had the following children.

  M i Dr. Monty Ruey MC MINN-42140 was born on 28 Jun 1937.
  F ii
Marjorie Ruth MC MINN-42141 was born on 30 Aug 1941.[Notes]
  F iii
Janet Marie MC MINN-42142 was born on 29 Sep 1942.

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