Earl Jones Genealogy

William Henry DUNN [Parents]-4323 was born on 8 Mar 1879. He died in 1948. William was baptized on 28 Mar 2014 in the Denver Colorado temple. William married (MRIN:14066) Nettie Beatrice GLASS-37234.

Nettie Beatrice GLASS-37234. Nettie married (MRIN:14066) William Henry DUNN-4323.

They had the following children.

  M i
Elwood DUNN-37233 was born in 1900.
  M ii
William Raymond DUNN-1279 was born in 1905.
  M iii
Earnest DUNN-37235 was born in 1909.
  M iv
Cecil DUNN-37232 was born on 11 May 1911.
  F v
Bessie DUNN-1455.
  F vi
Myrtie DUNN-1454.
  F vii
Pauline DUNN-1265.
  F viii
Bertha DUNN-1453.
  F ix
Lucilla DUNN-44.

William Leonard ALLCORN "Jr" [Parents]-39117. William married (MRIN:14067) Jeanette BARBEE-39118.

Other marriages:
TATUM, Martha

Jeanette BARBEE-39118. Jeanette married (MRIN:14067) William Leonard ALLCORN "Jr"-39117.

They had the following children.

  F i Deborah ALLCORN-39122.
  M ii
Richard Durwood ALLCORN-39124 was born on 27 Mar 1957.

William Leonard ALLCORN "Jr" [Parents]-39117. William married (MRIN:14068) Martha TATUM-39119.

Other marriages:
BARBEE, Jeanette

Martha TATUM-39119. Martha married (MRIN:14068) William Leonard ALLCORN "Jr"-39117.

Julian CLEPPER-39121. Julian married (MRIN:14069) Patricia Carolyn ALLCORN-39120.

Patricia Carolyn ALLCORN [Parents]-39120 was born on 4 Apr 1941. Patricia married (MRIN:14069) Julian CLEPPER-39121.

They had the following children.

  M i
Steve CLEPPER-39125.
  F ii
Susan CLEPPER-39126.
  M iii
Randy Julian CLEPPER-39127 was born on 25 Aug 1960.

FISHER-39123. FISHER married (MRIN:14070) Deborah ALLCORN-39122.

Deborah ALLCORN [Parents]-39122. Deborah married (MRIN:14070) FISHER-39123.

BURGLUND-39129. BURGLUND married (MRIN:14071) Elberta Mae ALLCORN-39128.

Elberta Mae ALLCORN [Parents]-39128 was born on 26 Jun 1933. Elberta married (MRIN:14071) BURGLUND-39129.

MC CLELLAN-39132. MC CLELLAN married (MRIN:14072) Gloria Jeanett ALLCORN-39131.

Gloria Jeanett ALLCORN [Parents]-39131 was born on 10 Aug 1937. Gloria married (MRIN:14072) MC CLELLAN-39132.

SCHUMACHER-39134. SCHUMACHER married (MRIN:14073) Mary Ellen ALLCORN-39133.

Mary Ellen ALLCORN [Parents]-39133 was born on 16 Jul 1939. Mary married (MRIN:14073) SCHUMACHER-39134.

William Charles "Charlie"Cowan-39136 was born on 25 Aug 1888 in , Burleson, Texas. He died on 24 Jul 1963 in Giddings, Lee, Texas. William married (MRIN:14074) Martha Elizabeth "Mattie" ALLCORN-39135.

Martha Elizabeth "Mattie" ALLCORN [Parents]-39135 was born on 2 Dec 1895 in , , Texas. She died on 22 Aug 1977 in Giddings, Lee, Texas. Martha was sealed to her parents on 22 Mar 2013 in the Las Vegas Nevada temple. She was baptized on 27 Dec 2012 in the Las Vegas Nevada temple. She was endowed on 15 Mar 2013 in the Las Vegas Nevada temple. Martha married (MRIN:14074) William Charles "Charlie"Cowan-39136.

They had the following children.

  M i William Posie COWAN-39137 was born on 24 Sep 1911. He died on 28 Nov 1992.
  M ii Maynard COWAN-39139 was born on 2 Mar 1913.
  M iii Wilburn Carnelius COWAN-39141 was born on 11 Aug 1915. He died on 5 Feb 1988.
  F iv Barbara Mae COWEN-39143 was born on 11 Jun 1917. She died on 19 Jan 1993.
  F v Ellen COWAN-39145 was born on 2 Nov 1919.
  M vi
Delmar Charley COWAN-39147 was born on 11 Feb 1922.

William Posie COWAN [Parents]-39137 was born on 24 Sep 1911. He died on 28 Nov 1992. William married (MRIN:14075) Minnie Lee TEAGUE-39138.

Minnie Lee TEAGUE-39138 was born on 31 May 1909. Minnie married (MRIN:14075) William Posie COWAN-39137.

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