Earl Jones Genealogy

Thomas Hart Benton MADDOX [Parents]-328009 was born on 6 Jul 1841. He died on 15 Oct 1876 in Parkersburg, Wood, West Virginia. He was buried in Maddox Cemetery, Blennerhassett, Wood, West Virginia. Thomas married (MRIN:111229) Mattie A. MITCHELL-328010 on 28 Jul 1865.

Mattie A. MITCHELL-328010 was born on 28 Mar 1842. She died on 10 Jan 1906. Mattie married (MRIN:111229) Thomas Hart Benton MADDOX-328009 on 28 Jul 1865.

Grandison WOLFE-328013 was born about 1840. Grandison married (MRIN:111230) Lodema MADDOX-328012 in 20 Ded 1877.

Lodema MADDOX [Parents]-328012 was born on 27 Jan 1845. Lodema married (MRIN:111230) Grandison WOLFE-328013 in 20 Ded 1877.

Martin V. CALES-328016 was born about 1845. Martin married (MRIN:111231) Eliza Page MADDOX-328015 on 4 May.

Eliza Page MADDOX [Parents]-328015 was born on 4 May 1850. She died on 11 Nov 1911. Eliza married (MRIN:111231) Martin V. CALES-328016 on 4 May.

John Williard MOYERS-328017 was born about 1843. John married (MRIN:111232) Appalene Rebecca MADDOX-328014 on 28 Jul 1872.

Appalene Rebecca MADDOX [Parents]-328014 was born on 18 Sep 1847. Appalene married (MRIN:111232) John Williard MOYERS-328017 on 28 Jul 1872.

Ann O. MADDOX [Parents]-328018 was born on 24 Nov 1852. Ann married (MRIN:111233) Robert John HOWELL-328019 on 4 Nov 1872.

Robert John HOWELL-328019 was born about 1848. Robert married (MRIN:111233) Ann O. MADDOX-328018 on 4 Nov 1872.

Henry FREEMAN-328022 was born about 1855. Henry married (MRIN:111234) Sarah Minerva MADDOX-328021 in 1875.

Sarah Minerva MADDOX [Parents]-328021 was born on 5 Jun 1858. Sarah married (MRIN:111234) Henry FREEMAN-328022 in 1875.

Israel MADDOX [Parents]-208651 was born on 4 Jan 1836 in , Adams, Ohio. He died on 29 Nov 1923 in Cleveland, Douglas, Oregon. Israel married (MRIN:111235) Emily Amanda GILPIN-328023 on 4 Jul 1876.

Emily Amanda GILPIN-328023 was born about 1840. Emily married (MRIN:111235) Israel MADDOX-208651 on 4 Jul 1876.

William JONES-328025 was born in 1750 in , , England. He died after 1824 in Jackson, Madison, Tennessee. William married (MRIN:111236) Dorothy-328026.

Dorothy-328026 was born about 1753. Dorothy married (MRIN:111236) William JONES-328025.

They had the following children.

  M i Thomas Henry JONES-326246 was born in 1805. He died in Apr 1900.

Timothy Kay BLANKENSHIP [Parents]-328029 was born on 7 Oct 1959 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas. He died on 17 Mar 1997 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas. Timothy married (MRIN:111237) Justeen JULIAN-328030 on 9 Apr 1982 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas.

Justeen JULIAN-328030 was born on 1 Jan 1959. Justeen married (MRIN:111237) Timothy Kay BLANKENSHIP-328029 on 9 Apr 1982 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas.

Debbie Ann BLANKENSHIP [Parents]-328028 was born on 22 Dec 1956 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas.

She had the following children.

  F i
Marina Diane BLANKENSHIP-328031 was born on 17 Sep 1980 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas.

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