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Felix Sollcoffer JONES [Parents] was born on 17 Jun 1879 in , Macon, Georgia. He died on 28 Jun 1964 in Crisp, Georgia. Felix married Betty Jane LYLES.

Betty Jane LYLES was born about 1895 in , , Georgia. Betty married Felix Sollcoffer JONES.

Newton Franklin WARD was born on 1 Sep 1879 in , , Georgia. Newton married Florence Edith JONES.

Florence Edith JONES [Parents] was born on 18 Mar 1883 in , Macon, Georgia. She died on 26 Nov 1912. Florence married Newton Franklin WARD.

Robert Lee JONES [Parents] was born on 14 Feb 1885 in , Taylor, Georgia. He died on 20 Oct 1968 in , Bibb, Georgia. Robert married Mary BOWELL.

Mary BOWELL was born on 23 Apr 1898 in , , Georgia. She died on 6 May 2000 in Macon, Bibb, Georgia. Mary married Robert Lee JONES.

Henry Clay JONES [Parents] was born on 6 Nov 1889 in , , Georgia. He died on 29 Jun 1967 in , , Georgia. Henry married Jessie CLARK.

Jessie CLARK was born about 1891. Jessie married Henry Clay JONES.

Aquilla MC ELROY was born on 30 Jul 1782 in , , North Carolina. He died before 1850. Aquilla married Rhoda JONES.

Rhoda JONES [Parents] was born on 8 Jan 1790 in , Franklin, Virginia. She died in 1858 in , Saline, Arkansas. Rhoda married Aquilla MC ELROY.

John DORROH was born on 16 Mar 1769 in Connor Parish, Antrim, Northern Ireland. He died on 23 Nov 1851 in Brookwood, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. John married Ann Rebecca JONES.

Ann Rebecca JONES [Parents] was born on 27 Aug 1770 in , Laurens, South Carolina. She died on 4 Aug 1852 in Brookwood, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Ann married John DORROH.

Andrew Jolly JONES [Parents] was born on 8 Dec 1823 in , Hardeman, Tennessee. He died on 1 Apr 1882 in Amity, Clark, Arkansas. Andrew married Mary A. "Polly" DAVIS.

Mary A. "Polly" DAVIS was born in 1827 in , , Tennessee. She died on 20 Apr 1901 in Amity, Clark, Arkansas. Mary married Andrew Jolly JONES.

They had the following children.

  M i William Thomas JONES was born on 14 Aug 1848. He died about 1896.
  F ii Mary Jane JONES was born on 2 Mar 1850. She died on 7 Jun 1929.
  M iii
Jesse JONES was born in 1853 in , , Arkansas.
  M iv
John Marion JONES was born on 11 Feb 1855 in , , Arkansas. He died on 8 Nov 1946.
  F v Martha Adeline JONES was born on 21 May 1858. She died on 4 Feb 1904.
  M vi
Dickey JONES was born on 8 Dec 1860 in , Clark, Arkansas. He died on 31 Aug 1866 in , Clark, Arkansas.
  F vii Alice A. JONES was born on 15 May 1867. She died on 17 Jul 1910.
  F viii
Luella JONES was born on 5 Sep 1868 in , Clark, Arkansas.

William Thomas JONES [Parents] was born on 14 Aug 1848 in , , Mississippi. He died about 1896. William married N. E. WILSON.

N. E. WILSON was born about 1862 in , Clark, Arkansas. N. E. WILSON married William Thomas JONES.

William Martin TUCKER was born on 3 Jul 1849 in , , Arkansas. He died on 16 Apr 1910 in Amity, Clark, Arkansas. William married Mary Jane JONES.

Mary Jane JONES [Parents] was born on 2 Mar 1850 in Pike City, Pike, Arkansas. She died on 7 Jun 1929 in , Garland, Arkansas. Mary married William Martin TUCKER.

James Martin ALEWINE was born on 25 May 1847 in , Anderson, South Carolina. He died about 1924. James married Martha Adeline JONES.

Martha Adeline JONES [Parents] was born on 21 May 1858 in , , Arkansas. She died on 4 Feb 1904. Martha married James Martin ALEWINE.

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