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Sarah Jones DAVIE [Parents] was born on 12 Mar 1793 in Columbia, Richland, South Carolina. She died on 25 May 1854 in Charleston, South Carolina.

She had the following children.

  F i Eliza Gabriella “Ella” DE SAUSSURE was born on 22 Nov 1815. She died on 9 Jun 1896.

James Polk MORGAN [Parents] was born on 22 May 1848 in Buckhannon, Upsur, West Virginia. He died on 3 Jul 1915 in , Randolph, West Virginia. James married Virginia Irene MORGAN on 5 Feb 1874 in , Randolph, West Virginia.

Virginia Irene MORGAN was born on 3 Jul 1854 in French Creek, Upshur, West Virginia. She died on 15 Dec 1933 in Alexander, Upshur, West Virginia. Virginia married James Polk MORGAN on 5 Feb 1874 in , Randolph, West Virginia.

George A. DUNLAP was born in 1820 in , Harrison, Texas. George married Malinda WYATT.

Malinda WYATT [Parents] was born in 1820 in , , Tennessee. Malinda married George A. DUNLAP.

Dr. David BLANTON was born about 1855 in Abilene, Taylor, Texas. He died in 1893 in Avolon, Texas. David married Mary Jane WYATT.

Mary Jane WYATT [Parents] was born in 1857 in Abilene, Taylor, Texas. Mary married Dr. David BLANTON.

Mary Myrtle MORGAN [Parents] was born on 28 Nov 1893 in Roscoe, Nolan, Texas. He died on 2 Jul 1990 in Tow, Llano, Texas. Mary married Ben Albeet SCOTT on 14 Dec 1915 in Dickens, , Texas.

Ben Albeet SCOTT was born on 31 Oct 1894 in Estillene, Hall, Texas. She died on 24 Sep 1964 in Carlsbad, Eddy, New Mexico. Ben married Mary Myrtle MORGAN on 14 Dec 1915 in Dickens, , Texas.

William Carl MC BRIDE was born on 31 Mar 1893 in , Williamson, Texas. He died in , , New Mexico. William married Leona Ruth MORGAN.

Leona Ruth MORGAN [Parents] was born on 5 Nov 1898 in , , Texas. She died in Dec 1992 in Truth or Consequences, Sierra, New Mexico. Leona married William Carl MC BRIDE.

Martin Leonard MORGAN [Parents] was born on 27 Mar 1905 in , , Texas. He died on 12 Jun 1955 in , Tarrant, Texas. Martin married Mamie Louise PARKER.

Mamie Louise PARKER was born on 4 Nov 1911 in Clarkesville, Red River, Texas. She died on 22 Apr 1980 in , Tarrant, Texas. Mamie married Martin Leonard MORGAN.

John H. MORGAN [Parents] was born in 1818 in , , Tennessee. He died in 1880 in , Grainger, Tennessee. John married Martha COOPER.

Martha COOPER was born in 1924 in , De Kalb, Alabama. She died in , Baxter, Arkansas. Martha married John H. MORGAN.

Anthony MORGAN was born in 1780 in Westmoreland, Virginia. He died in 1795 in , York, South Carolina. Anthony married Mary WILSON.

Mary WILSON was born on 16 Jan 1730 in Bristrol, Prince George, Virginia. She died in 1788 in , York, South Carolina. Mary married Anthony MORGAN.

They had the following children.

  M i Capt. John MORGAN was born in 1740. He died in 1819.

John Henry POLK [Parents] was born on 15 Mar 1891 in , , Texas. He died on 19 May 1936 in Midway, Madison, Texas. John married Julia Elizabeth "Bettie" ROBERTS.

Julia Elizabeth "Bettie" ROBERTS [Parents] was born on 17 Apr 1892 in Spurger, Tyler, Texas. She died on 11 Nov 1985. Julia married John Henry POLK.

They had the following children.

  M i
John Marcus "Uncle Marcus" POLK was born about 1917.
  F ii
Lois Lavelle POLK was born about 1919.
  M iii
Homer Preston POLK was born about 1921.
  F iv Rachel POLK was born in 1923. She died on 11 Apr 2010.
  F v
Lela Belle POLK was born about 1925.
  F vi
Melba Ruth POLK was born about 1927.
  F vii
Joy Vanelle POLK was born about 1929.

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