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Greenup MADDOX [Parents] was born on 10 Oct 1816 in , , Kentucky. He died on 27 Jan 1891 in , Shelby, Kentucky. Greenup married Frances SEARCY.

Frances SEARCY was born in 1819. Frances married Greenup MADDOX.

Isaac TAYLOR "Jr" [Parents] was born on 31 Aug 1742 in , Chester, Pennsylvania. Isaac married Sarah SALT.

Sarah SALT was born about 1745 in Of Alstonfield, Stafford, England. Sarah married Isaac TAYLOR "Jr".

Joseph JONES [Parents] was born in 1723 in , Chester, Pennsylvania. He died in 1730. Joseph married Ann MORGAN.

Ann MORGAN was born on 9 Jun 1805 in Redmarley D'Abitot, Worchester, England. Ann married Joseph JONES.

John JONES [Parents] was born in 1730 in Gloucester, New Jersey. He died in 1744. John married Berry WOODNUT.

Berry WOODNUT was born in 1734. Berry married John JONES.

Stephen DAY was born in 1742 in Warrington, Chester, Pennsylvania. He died on 5 Dec 1825 in , Columbus, Georgia. Stephen married Margaret "Peggy" JONES.

Other marriages:
JONES, Margaret

Margaret "Peggy" JONES [Parents] was born in 1744 in , , North Carolina. She died in 1790 in Columbia, Arkansas. Margaret married Stephen DAY.

John STANFIELD was born on 1 Aug 1743 in New Garden Twp, Chester, Pennnsylvania. He died on 2 May 1832 in , Cumberland, Kentucky. John married Philipina Christina JONES on 2 Apr 1762 in Cane Creek, Orange, North Carolina.

Philipina Christina JONES [Parents] was born on 11 Jul 1744 in , Berks, Pennsylvania. She died in Aug 1816 in , , Surry, North Carolina. Philipina married John STANFIELD on 2 Apr 1762 in Cane Creek, Orange, North Carolina.


John ANGLIN "Sr" was born in 1752 in , , Virginia. He died in 1830 in , Henry, Alabama. John married Mary JONES.

Mary JONES [Parents] was born in 1754 in , Orange, North Carolina. She died in 1817 in , , Georgia. Mary married John ANGLIN "Sr".


Nathaniel NEWLIN "III" was born on 7 Sep 1717 in Concord Twp, Butler, Pennsylvania. He died on 14 Nov 1766 in Concord Twp, Butler, Pennsylvania. Nathaniel married Esther METCALF.

Esther METCALF [Parents] was born in 1718 in Concordville, Delaware, Pennsylvania. She died on 2 Jul 1764 in Concord Twp, Butler, Pennsylvania. Esther married Nathaniel NEWLIN "III".

Francis or Richard JONES [Parents] was born about 1662 in Of, , York, Virginia. He died about 1710 in Probably, Warwick, Virginia.

He had the following children.

  F i
Matthew JONES was born about 1680 in Probably, Warwick, Virginia. She died after 28 Jan 1727 in , Isle of Wight, Virginia.
  F ii
Margaret JONES was born about 1887.

Virgil Leonard SLAUGHTER was born on 15 Aug 1917 in , Humble, Texas. He died on 4 Oct 1991 in Winnie, Chambers, Texas. Virgil married Kathleen Edith WELCH.

Kathleen Edith WELCH was born on 27 Aug 1932 in , Matagorda, Texas. She died on 4 Feb 1981 in Wharton, Wharton, Texas. Kathleen married Virgil Leonard SLAUGHTER.

Other marriages:
MADDOX, Morris Ray

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