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William McKinley KUYKENDALL [Parents] was born on 16 Apr 1906 in Ruby, Crawford, Arkansas. He died on 3 Aug 1976 in Stigler, Haskell, Oklahoma. William married Jessie Mae HENSON.

Jessie Mae HENSON was born on 17 Jan 1913 in Cauthron, Scott, Arkansas. She died on 30 Dec 1966 in Fresno, Fresno, California. Jessie married William McKinley KUYKENDALL.

They had the following children.

  F i Cora Marie KUYKENDALL was born on 11 Mar 1937. She died on 3 Feb 2008.
  F ii
Patricia Ann KUYKENDALL was born on 30 May 1943 in Cowlington, Le Flore, Oklahoma. She died on 5 Jun 2005 in Fresno, Fresno, California.

Dean Everett LIGHTFOOT was born on 7 Jun 1936 in Yakima, Yakima, Washington. He died on 15 Dec 1999. Dean married Cora Marie KUYKENDALL.

Cora Marie KUYKENDALL [Parents] was born on 11 Mar 1937. She died on 3 Feb 2008 in Fresno, Fresno, California. Cora married Dean Everett LIGHTFOOT.

Daniel PIERCE was born in 1846 in , , Arkansas. Daniel married Mary Elizabeth KUYKENDALL.

Mary Elizabeth KUYKENDALL [Parents] was born in May 1856 in , Crawford, Arkansas. Mary married Daniel PIERCE.

Abner HAMBRIGHT [Parents] was born on 23 Mar 1815 in , York, South Carolina. He died on 13 Nov 1873. Abner married Sarah HAMBRIGHT.

Sarah HAMBRIGHT [Parents] was born in 1817 in , York, South Carolina. She died in Jul 1848. Sarah married Abner HAMBRIGHT.

Benjamin HAMBRIGHT [Parents] was born in 1764 in Catawba River, Lincoln, North Caroolina. He died on 6 Mar 1819 in Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee. Benjamin married Jane MITCHELL.

Jane MITCHELL was born in 1771 in , , North Carolina. Jane married Benjamin HAMBRIGHT.

William Elliott QUINN was born in 1786 in Near King's Creek, York, South Carolina. He died in 1833. William married Susannah HAMBRIGHT.

Susannah HAMBRIGHT [Parents] was born in 1798 in Kings Creek, York, South Carolina. She died on 20 Jul 1882 in , Cherokee, South Carolina. Susannah married William Elliott QUINN.

Other marriages:
DIXON, William

John Sullivan BLACK [Parents] was born in 1790 in Black's Station, Blount, Tennessee. He died in 1855 in Quero, Grimes, Texas. John married Mary BINGLEY.

Mary BINGLEY was born on 8 Sep 1797 in Mansfield, Northhampshire, England. She died in 1868 in , Grimes, Texas. Mary married John Sullivan BLACK.

Hambright BLACK [Parents] was born in 1791 in , , Tennessee. He died on 10 Nov 1843 in , Montgomery, Texas. Hambright married Mary Walker BERRY.

Mary Walker BERRY was born about 1796 in , Blount, Tennessee. She died on 24 Jan 1831 in Maryville, Blount, Tennessee. Mary married Hambright BLACK.

John HAMBRIGHT [Parents] was born on 5 Mar 1788 in , Lincoln, North Carolina. He died on 4 Jun 1858. John married Sarah SANDLIN.

Sarah SANDLIN was born about 1788 in King's Creek, York, South Carolina. She died about 1877 in , York, South Carolina. Sarah married John HAMBRIGHT.

They had the following children.

  F i Sarah HAMBRIGHT was born in 1817. She died in Jul 1848.

Johann Adam HAMBRECHT [Parents] was born on 28 Apr 1711 in , , Germany. He died on 14 Feb 1793. Johann married Elisabetha Barbara HEIL.

Elisabetha Barbara HEIL was born on 21 Sep 1721 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She died on 9 Apr 1788. Elisabetha married Johann Adam HAMBRECHT.

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