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Redding BLOCKER [Parents] was born in 1793 in , , South Carolina. He died on 27 Sep 1869 in Montgomery, Hot Springs, Arkansas. Redding married Margaret HARRIS.

Margaret HARRIS was born in 1800 in , , North Carolina. Margaret married Redding BLOCKER.

Michael BLOCKER "V" [Parents] was born about 1794 in , Fairfield, South Carolina. He died about 1869 in , Perry, Alabama. Michael married Mary Ann "Polly" GRAHAM.

Mary Ann "Polly" GRAHAM was born about 1795 in , , North Carolina. She died after 1870 in , Hale, Alabama. Mary married Michael BLOCKER "V".

Edward Robert Monroe BLOCKER [Parents] was born about 1802 in , Edgefield, South Carolina. He died about 1880 in Burleson, Burleson, Texas. Edward married Sarah COLE.

Sarah COLE was born about 1810 in , , South Carolina. Sarah married Edward Robert Monroe BLOCKER.

William Griffin BLOCKER [Parents] was born about 1800 in , Edgefield, South Carolina. He died after 1870 in , Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He was buried in , Tuscaloosa, Alabama. William married Susan Sarah SLAYTON.

Susan Sarah SLAYTON was born in 1806 in Snow Creek, Wilkes, Georgia. She died after 1850 in , Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She was buried in Blockers Cemetery, , Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Susan married William Griffin BLOCKER.

Thomas Abraham GAVIN was born about 1795 in , Bertie, North Carolina. He died in 1855 in , Holmes, Florida. Thomas married Nancy Ann BLOCKER.

Nancy Ann BLOCKER [Parents] was born in 1797 in , , South Carolina. She died in 1870 in , Holmes, Florida. Nancy married Thomas Abraham GAVIN.

Noah MENDENHALL [Parents] was born on 30 Jan 1754 in Kennett Mm, Chester, Pennsylvania. He died on 10 Sep 1820 in Columbia Twp, Greene, Pennsylvania. He was buried in Columbia Twp, Greene, Pennsylvania. Noah married Esther STANLEY.

Esther STANLEY was born on 15 May 1756 in Kennett, Chester, Pennsylvania. She died on 10 Jun 1820 in Kennett, Chester, Pennsylvania. Esther married Noah MENDENHALL.

They had the following children.

  F i Lydia MENDENHALL was born in 1775.
  M ii
Joseph MENDENHALL was born in 1782 in , , Pennsylvania.
  F iii Sarah MENDENHALL was born in 1784.
  M iv James MENDENHALL was born on 25 Feb 1786. He died on 13 Sep 1826.
  M v Benjamin MENDENHALL was born in 1786.
  M vi Isaac MENDENHALL was born in 1788.
  M vii Noah MENDENHALL "Jr" was born in 1790.
  F viii Jane MENDENHALL was born in 1792.
  M ix
Aaron MENDENHALL was born in 1794 in , , Pennsylvania.
  F x
Ann MENDENHALL was born in 1796 in , , Pennsylvania.
  F xi Esther MENDENHALL was born in 1798.

Isaac MENDENHALL [Parents] was born in 1788 in , , Pennsylvania. Isaac married Lydia CROSBY.

Lydia CROSBY was born about 1788 in Of, , Ohio. Lydia married Isaac MENDENHALL.

Valentine HOLLINGSWORTH was born about 1775 in Of, Delaware, Pennsylvania. Valentine married Lydia MENDENHALL.

Lydia MENDENHALL [Parents] was born in 1775 in , Chester, Pennsylvania. Lydia married Valentine HOLLINGSWORTH.

William EDWARDS was born about 1780. William married Sarah MENDENHALL on 8 Aug 1809.

Sarah MENDENHALL [Parents] was born in 1784 in Old Kennett, Chester, Pennsylvania. Sarah married William EDWARDS on 8 Aug 1809.

Benjamin MENDENHALL [Parents] was born in 1786 in Old Kennett, Chester, Pennsylvania. Benjamin married Rebecca SEAL.

Rebecca SEAL was born about 1791 in , New Castle, Delaware. Rebecca married Benjamin MENDENHALL.

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